Friday, April 30, 2010

And The Winner Is...



What is even more unbelievable is as soon as her name was pulled, I totally cracked up because I just won her giveaway!  I am beyond amazed.

I want to thank you all so much for your interest, and don't forget about my kitchen giveaway!!
I actually have some more things I plan on tossing in, and I may or may no post them.
You'll have to wait and see.


I will be emailing you in the next few minutes.

Few Hours Left for Giveaway!!

You have a few hours left so get your entries in for the 259+ Followers Celebratory Giveaway.

I will let you know who has won this evening.

Good luck everyone.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Sidebar for Giveaways

Hi lovelies!

I feel so bad for spamming you all with giveaways that take up sooooo much room.  So I have implemented a section specifically for all of your wonderful giveaways.

I will start posting any new giveaways here, and will let you know to check it out when it has been updated.

So this post isn't so boring...
Bonus pics!:
Getting ready to paint!  Woo hoo!
 Ugh!  That super ugly builder-grade lighting. *Barf*
Don't worry about the ugly valance above the sink.  It has been removed, and will never see the light of day through any of our windows.
Yay!!  You can see my winnings from Bria at Confessions of a Polisholic on the breakfast table.  :o)

 I cannot wait to get rid of these laminate countertops.  The adhesive used to bind the particles together contains formaldehyde, and many types of furniture do too.

One thing I found out in a CEU class is to have the air tested in your home.  Especially if you find yourself getting ill frequently as it could be a result of formaldehyde or other toxins.  Really, it could be so bad that even all of your old formula polishes poured all over your floor would not contain anything close to what your furniture or building materials may have.

In case you were wondering, a CEU class is something all licensed designers have to take.  Each year you have to have a certain amount of credits to be able to keep your license, and practice design.

Until next time!  :o)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My winnings!!!! :o)

Yay!  I have won again!!!!

First my winnings from Bria at Confessions of a Polisholic:
 Yes I ate all of the candy before the photoshoot, and it was delicious!  There were more sweetarts, but no one wants to see a bagilliondy wrappers.
I now have:  A cute travel-size hand was by The Body Shop, Zoya's America and Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie, Let's Meet and HD Nails.

Check here out here:  Confessions of a Polisholic
 I know I have a million polishes to swatch, and I won't be able to swatch anything anytime soon.  My husband and I are painting our breakfast and kitchen area. nails have been commando since sporting my Shrek manicure.

Bonus Pic:
This is a before photo of our breakfast room bench.  The little old man and I are posing, and we moved the table over so we could tape.  Aha!  I am sporting my Wailea Ponytail Holder.  You can find that little beauty at the France Luxe Website and I am giving two away in the 259 Followers Celebratory Giveaway. 

Click my link at the top of my blog to enter!  ;o)   

So that is my excuse.
Anyways...back to all of the wonderful things I have won!

I just won this from Makeup By Mai:
I love the scrublet, and I am extremely fond of the cleanser.  Citrus Bliss Secret!  I haven't tried this yet, but I am totally stoked about it.

You can check out Mai here:  Makeup By Mai

Thanks so much ladies, and I will hopefully get crackin soon.

I will have Eric draw a name from a hat, bucket or bowl this Sunday so get your name in the hat!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Question | Chanel Illusion D'or

Hey Beauties!

I gave in and ordered Chanel Illusion D'or.
I ordered an extra to giveaway, but wanted to know from all of you if I should toss it into the "Kitchen Stuff" giveaway or have a separate one for it.

Let me know what you all think!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glam & Glits

I just mentioned the Glam & Glits Nail Decorations I picked, and I thought I would look up the company.  What I did not realize is they offer the Aquarium Nail Tips.

I'm not interested in them for me, but I think they look really fun and what a strange idea.  I remember a blogger mentioning them waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day.

There is a minimum order of $30.00.
They sell their products on their website here:
Glam & Glits nail designs

They also sell mylar bits.  So now you can make your own collection of flakies!

**Pic Heavy** Nationwide Nail Supply | More Glam & Glits + OPI Shrek (The colors I had to have)


Of course I went back after playing around with the Moonstone nail decorations, and I picked up some other colors.
The last few times I stopped by there, I skipped on the Shrek Collection by OPI, but after so many swatches of this fun collection I realized I needed the Bright and Vivid Colors.

This is what I picked up:

Front to Back:  OPI's Funky Dunkey and G&G's Sugilite, OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? and G&G's Ruby, OPI's Ogre-The-Top Blue and G&G's Aquamarine

The lucky three.  :o)

Glam & Glits

Play time!!

On my left hand I used Ogre-The-Top Blue:

 On my right hand is Funky Dunkey:

 Finally...a touch of contrasting sparkle!
I used Sugilite and Ruby on Ogre-The-Top Blue to create a diamond.
I'm right-handed, but man this design is much more crooked than the one on my right hand.  Apparently my left hand is steadier when putting a little glam on.  :oP

My right hand has Aquamarine and Ruby on Funky Dunkey.
Ahh...Much better.

I do enjoy the consistency of these.  The first coat was a little streaky, but the second coat made everything smooth like butter (Or liquid Caramel...Mmmm).  

My husband had the fan on, and it was making each application dry so quickly I had to keep applying a clear coat to stick the diamonds on.

I always use two coats of Seche Clear, and this stops any polish from staining my nails (At least on me it works).
After those two, I use OPI's Dry & Brittle Nail Envy because I have thin razor-like nails.  :(  Good for scratching my back at least.
Two coats of color, and then I top them off with a nice thick coat of Seche Vite.  Sometimes I use Out The Door.
I used an additional coat of Seche vite over the diamonds as some still had edges I could feel.

Until next time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

*~*~CLOSED~*~* Stuff for the Kitchen | Giveaway!!

Thanks everyone!  This giveaway has ended.

So I showed you my cute gloves.  ;o)

Well now you can win a set!  There will be one winner, and you can have your choice between two gloves.

Option #1 | Purple Gloves with Stars and a Bow

Option #2 | Red Gloves with Cherries

The winner will win:

  • An Edamame Keychain
  • Cucina Kitchen Hand Soap | Coriander and Olive Tree
    • I purchased so many of these because they discontinued this bottle style, and it was my favorite.
  • Borghese | Stellare Notte
  • Sally Hansen | Opulent Cloud
  • Glass Nail File | Black Waterfall with Swarovski Crystals
  • Set of Gloveables
    • You can choose either Purple or Red.

  1. This giveaway is open to everyone that is a follower, no matter where you are.  :o)
  2. I will select a winner May 30, 2010 at 5:00PM and announce the winner that evening.  (Unless something should arise)
  3. Please leave a comment below telling me which color of gloves you would like to win, and what you look forward to the most this summer.
  4. Please leave your email address so I may contact you if your name has been selected.
  5. You can gain additional entries by blogging or tweeting, and be sure to leave me the address.  If you are a blogger, I would like to follow your crazy nailscapades or anything else that is interesting.
Thanks for following me on my escapades!
Until next time!

iPhone | Can't wait!

I really like the shape of this iPhone, the frontal camera, and the photo camera has a flash!  What?!?!

GIZMODO | This Is Apple's Next iPhone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nationwide Nail Supply | Polish & Nail Décor

So sorry for the lack of posts everyone.  Things have been so hectic as Eric and I are really getting started with redesigning our house.
Anyway, I've been meaning to post this.  Here are some items I purchased at Nationwide Nail Supply.

Multicolored Nail Jewels.  I love crystal rhinestones!
OPI's DS Signature, China Glaze's Let's Do it in 3D, Glam and Glits' Sea Pebbles and Moonstone.

As you can see, these pots are quite large.  I'd say they are about 1.5" in Diameter, and the amounts are .5 oz.
The Sea Gems Nail Art in Sea Pebbles 129 are small bits of mother of pearl in a lead color.
The Diamond Nail Art in Moonstone 73 are diamond shaped holo pieces with a silver base color.

I purchased Signature not knowing if I had it or not, and thankfully I did not.  :o)
I thought I would pull out my other OPI Designer Series pink holos.
Here is Exclusive, Signature and Passion:

Only after pulling those three out did I realize I had more of these beauties than I thought I did.  I contemplated buying Fantasy, but I'd much rather have Glamour and they didn't have it.

Top Row L-R:  Exclusive, Signature, Reserve, Desire, Sapphire
Bottom Row L-R:  Extravagance, Passion, Jewel, Original, Coronation
This is what I did with Signature and the Glam and Glits Moonstone:

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Beauty First | OPI and Gloveables!

Last week I went to Beauty First by my office.  I had a coupon for 20% off of my entire purchase, and I bought two sets of super cute gloves, and OPI's Jade is the New Black.

Here are my Gloveables after washing dishes.  :o)

Here are my back up gloves.  Look at that cute bow!  :D
If you want your own pair of cute Gloveables, you can go to the following website and it will show you some online retailers or you may contact them to find a retailer in your area:

The following is my bottle of OPI's Jade is the New Black.

Until Next Time!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dove Conditioner Almost Free!

Hey ladies!

I just stopped by Cvs to use all of my coupons I inquired, and I stopped by the haircare isle. There I saw a little sign that said buy any Dove shampoo or conditioner and get $4.49 in ExtraBucks. The conditioner I purchased was $4.49, and I got $4.49 ExtraBucks at checkout.

I don't know when this promotion is overwith, but I would check it out.


-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crystal Nail File

This nail file is for the 259 Followers Celebratory Giveaway.  I purchased two brand new ones, and I noticed that these two have a shiny finish where the crystals are.

I've had my file for over two years, and the black area on it has a frosted finish.
Either way, both finishes are beautiful.  You can see mine with the frosted finish at the giveaway page.

The image above shows the file and my nail with an orange tinge, but the orange is actually a soft white color.  (Frosted crystal glass)

Oh man!  The image below is quite blinding, and I didn't even notice the fuzz on the file in person.
I purchase all of my files from:  Glass Fuzion
I really like the Transparent 7 1/2" file for those rough areas on my feet.  They also have a section with designated foot files.  The reason I prefer their files is because of my crystal waterfall file.  I have had it for two years!!  I would go through a new file every other month due to them getting broken all of the time.  I wasted so much money on other glass files that could not keep up with me.  :(
After researching glass files I found the Mont Bleau Czech Glass Nail Files, and totally fell in love with their designs.
I like to give these little beauties away as gifts, and everyone likes them like I do.

Go check them out.


My winnings!

Yay!  This is the lot that I won from Stephanie at *A Dash of Sparkle*'s giveaway.
I now have:
  • Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Purple Pizzazz
  • Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink
  • OPI's Espresso Your Style!
  • OPI's Brand New Skates
  • OPI's Meet Me on the Star Ferry
She also sent me a cute Ms. Manicure Petite Treat.  It includes a bottle of hand cream, nail file and cuticle sticks.

Thank you soooo much, Stephanie!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaways Galore!!!!

Everywhere I turn around there is a giveaway, and I have missed entering so many of them.  :'(

Well here are more amazing giveaways!

Wizards of Bling are giving away this lot plus some:
Get over there now, and be sure to follow them here:
This one ends April 15th.
Get in your entries!!

Body and Soul is giving away a set of these bad boys:
Follow her rules here:
This one ends April 15th.


Polish & Konad is giving away:
Follow her here:
This one ends April 30th.


...That's Peachy is having a giveaway with five winners!
The jackpot lot is this:
You've got to check out her blog, and follow her here:
Ends April 30th.


Let's Talk About...Beauty is giving away this beauty lot:
Follow her here:
Ends May 15th.


 Want a chance to win free Eyeshadow by Bella Sugar Cosmetics?
Well check this out, and get your entries in!
Get your entries in by April 16th.


My Little World of Polish by Lily Nail is giving away this lot in celebration of having over 60 followers:
Follow her here:
Ends April 28th.


Emily Loves is giving away three prizes, and one is an iPod Shuffle.
As a sneak peek winner #1 will win this lot:
Follow her here and check out the rest of the goods:
Ends April 19th


Check out the list of items Fun and Mental Changes is giving away here:
Ends May 7th.


 You know you want to win this funny little guy:
Go here:
Ends April 17th.


Lissa's Nails is giving away a bunch of polishes!!!!
Check her out here:
Ends May 10th.
Good luck with your Wedding!!  :o)


Lady Danger is letting a winner choose two M.A.C. Product (Limited Editions not available).
 Check her out here:
Ends May 11th.


Awful Beautiful Disarray is giving away NYX items.
See the lot here:
Ends on her Birthday, April 27th.


 Enter Contests and Such's Giveaway and you can win this lot plus some:
Enter here:
Ends April 15th.


 Yardsticks 4 Lunatics is giving us the Blues!
Follow her here:
Ends on her husband's birthday, May 8th.  Hey that is my Mom's birthday!  My Dad's birthday is the 7th.


I am craving this necklace!
To win this beauty enter here:
Ends April 18th.


My little Slice of Heaven Looks Like a Slice of Watermelon!

Hiya beauties!

I used the template designer to have something with more color.  I was taking photos of my lot from * A Dash of Sparkle *, and I noticed her blog is gone.  :o(

Well I noticed I like taking my photos against dark backgrounds, most of them seemed to be brown so I decided to change this blog up a bit.

Let me know if this is too blinding for you as I think I may tone it down a little bit, and I want to keep the text easily readable.

I will post photos soon!

Also, I am going to be giving away Opulent Cloud and a couple goodies soon.  This giveaway will not be a big one.

Later lovelies!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holy Toledo!! | Haul from Nationwide Nail Supply

I've been to Nationwide Nail Supply in Houston so many times in the past, but I drove by a few weeks ago and realized that I have not stopped by in so long.

So I wandered in and was mesmerized by how much more they have now than they did 2 almost 3 years ago.  (Of course they would have more)
They have two double-sided OPI stands with so many new colors and some that I have wanted for quite some time, but did not want to pay a good bit of money for.

They also had a large China Glaze rack, an Essie rack, Color Club Rack, Art Club Rack, an isle of Chelsea and others like it, Orly and the entire collection of Zoya Polishes.

Ahhh!  I was kicking myself after seeing it because they Zoya's were less than $4.00 each!

Anyway...I grabbed the polishes below, OPI Lint-Free Wipes 150ct for $1.00, and Qtica Vanilla Plum Hand Scrub for only $6.00!!!!  Woohoo!  I love this scrub!

They are meant to be wholesale, and the prices I got were from the owner.  Depending on when you come in you can either get things for less expensive than other places or you can get them for less, less, less (I repeat) less expensive than anywhere else I have ever seen, but if you have a license you can get everything for even less than that!!

The top row are polishes that I got for the 259 followers Giveaway.  :oP
(Yeah, that's how long ago this was taken)
CG OMG, OPI DS Extravagance and OPI Glow-Ink in the Dark.
The bottom row has CG OMG, OPI DS Sapphire, Glow-Ink in the Dark, Exclusive (I already owned Extravagance) and Chelsea Kaleidoscope.

Until Next Time!

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Golden Rose - Scale Effect | Red/Orange/Pink

Darn!  I just realized that I had several draft posts!
Here is another one of the polishes I received from Edita at AllYouDesire.
This is a Golden Rose Flakie.
It looks red/orange in the bottle, and with one coat on the nail it shows up as a pink sheer.

As with all flakies, this one looks great layered.

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