Friday, July 30, 2010

Paul and Joe | Sparkle Collectio

How fun! I purchased the moon shadow lipstick and over the moon.
The lipsticks cost $25 and the face and eye palettes are $35.

You can check out some of the available Limited Edition items here:

I went ahead and grabbed the blue Alice in Wonderland set while I was shopping. I adore the blotting case with The White Rabbit and Dinah! The pink one has Alice and Dinah on it.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ugh! | Scary face!

Hey everyone! I'm super tired and still haven't had a chance to fiddle with my craptop, but rest assured I have a million things I need to post.

Eric and I were in Austin this weekend with a friend at her parent's ranch house. We decided to go for a leisurely ride on all our mountain bikes Saturday, late afternoon. We were going down a hill and our friend was a little ways ahead, and my husband was right behind me. (He was always nervous about me riding a mountain bike on the trails, and I only went once. Got hurt that one and only time). He told me to use the rear brakes and as I was I had an episode like blacking out bur not actually losing consciousness. The next thing I know I realize I'm in the shoulder running over loose gravel at 25 mph, and lose control of the bike.

I landed really hard on my left side, slide and roll. I'm pretty sure that is what happened as Eric still doesn't want to talk about what happened. He said if he can ever think about it without wanting to cry he'll tell me, and I understand since he saw the whole thing. I didn't black out but it happened so fast. I sat up and took my helmet off while he ran up to me and gave me his shirt to stop the bleeding laceration on my face.

Our friend had come back and was calling her mom to get some first aid ready. While her brother was coming to help gather all of us and the bikes in his truck, an air conditioning truck full of guys actually helped bring my husband and me back to the ranch house. (We were only about 1/2 a mile down the road). I told my husband the only thing that hurt was my shoulder, and I felt fine. He was too worried about my face. Our friend's family is so hospitable, and her mom was cleaning my face, and I let her know that my shoulder was hurting and it was swollen, while she told me I definitely needed sutures for the laceration by my jaw line.

Our friend got back to the house and drove me to the ER.
These are some photos of the number I did to myself. (I told Eric to take photos so I could remember this. I wonder what I looked like before cleanup)

Right after the scrub down. Now I'm all swollen, black, green, purple, yellow you name it that color is somewhere on the left side of my swollen body.

Six stitches along my jawline and one for the soul patch. I should have taken a photo on Monday and Tuesday because I looked horrific! The left side of my face got pretty fat.

This is what I look like right now. Beautiful aren't I? Sorry about that look on my face I needed the flash on my phone so I couldn't use the front facing camera. :oP
I got my stitches out today. Oh forgot to mention that I fractured my clavicle, and I found out yesterday that this is what it looks like under that lump:

Tada! Too displaced for a natural recovery. What was a 6 week full-recovery has now turned into 6 months after surgery. :-/

While we are at it here is the helmet I was wearing:
Front left:

Front right:

Back and my broken nails (My nails took a long time to stop bleeding):

Once my comp and my body are up and running I'll be sure to post some awesome winnings I've received, plus some reviews of items I've been using.

Take care and be careful out there! This could have been worse, about a mile from where I wrecked there was a bicycle memorial someone put on the side of the street. Someone died on that very same street. :'(

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Friday, July 2, 2010

tokidoki Pittura Brush Set @ Sephora

Hey everyone! I just purchased the cute brush set by tokidoki at Sephora! XD

Here is a screenshot of what they look like on Sephora's website. I haven't used them yet, but I am looking forward to.

The set is $35.00 and you can find it here:
Pittura Brush Set | tokidoki

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