Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Question | Chanel Illusion D'or

Hey Beauties!

I gave in and ordered Chanel Illusion D'or.
I ordered an extra to giveaway, but wanted to know from all of you if I should toss it into the "Kitchen Stuff" giveaway or have a separate one for it.

Let me know what you all think!



wax_lyrical said...

toss it in! save on postage :P

Letherton said...

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Patricia said...

Hi! I´d say separate giveaway! The everyone has 2 chances of winning!


Rena said...

Separate giveaway please! I'll have more chances of winning!

<33 Rena

Arrianne said...

Seperate, please!

Laura said...

Thanks ladies!

Looks like this one will be tossed into another mix.

Jackie S. said...

Separate Giveaway, Illusion D'or is so fabulous, it should stand on its own :P

Eve Gore said...

I follow you baby! You are very, very pretty and i like your style

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kisss <333

ART OF NAIL said...

hi, thank you very much, you always leave a sweet comment on my blog... you are so sweet...hugs*