Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crystal Nail File

This nail file is for the 259 Followers Celebratory Giveaway.  I purchased two brand new ones, and I noticed that these two have a shiny finish where the crystals are.

I've had my file for over two years, and the black area on it has a frosted finish.
Either way, both finishes are beautiful.  You can see mine with the frosted finish at the giveaway page.

The image above shows the file and my nail with an orange tinge, but the orange is actually a soft white color.  (Frosted crystal glass)

Oh man!  The image below is quite blinding, and I didn't even notice the fuzz on the file in person.
I purchase all of my files from:  Glass Fuzion
I really like the Transparent 7 1/2" file for those rough areas on my feet.  They also have a section with designated foot files.  The reason I prefer their files is because of my crystal waterfall file.  I have had it for two years!!  I would go through a new file every other month due to them getting broken all of the time.  I wasted so much money on other glass files that could not keep up with me.  :(
After researching glass files I found the Mont Bleau Czech Glass Nail Files, and totally fell in love with their designs.
I like to give these little beauties away as gifts, and everyone likes them like I do.

Go check them out.



Kitty chan Krazy =(^ - ^)= said...

These are so Kawaii!!!

Tamara said...

It's so pretty! Much prettier than any glass nail file I have!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Those are very cool. What a generous giveaway and blogger you are! =)

amusedPolish said...

I gave you an award :)

Nazgul said...

everyone is welcome to check our designs :)