Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello Ladies!

Phew!  Things have been hectic here.  I've been receiving everyone's entries, and I really enjoy hearing your stories.  :o)
My husband and I went to College Station/Bryan for a wedding the last weekend in March, and we were in Vegas for Eric's best friend's wedding Easter Weekend.
Also, I like to tell people about trips after we come back unless I'm talking to my family or really close friends.  I've had a family member get robbed not too long ago, and a close friend got robbed the weekend I was in College Station.  Needless to say it was very shocking as both live in very tight-nit communities with nosy neighbors, and for something like this to happen is unbelievable.
Hence my reason to not announce me being gone because I know all of you are superb, but you never know who actually reads your blogs so please be careful when announcing planned trips.
I hope all of you stay safe, and get ready for some posts!
Oh, and the Bride, her sister-in-law and I saw Thunder From Down Under (Hehe) and it was soooo much fun!


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