Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tory Burch | Japan Relief

I'll be grabbing one of these in support of the American Red Cross helping Japan.
The tees can be pre-ordered for $29.00 and will ship out when they are available.

Click on the image to order:

Help support Japan in their time of need.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

:'o( Punk stole stuff from our car Thursday

Hey everyone.

Eric and I met his friend for dinner on Thursday after work. He slid our work bags under the back seats like usual and we went in for dinner. An hour and a half later we came out to see my headphones on the ground next to our car, and we thought that was strange so I picked them up and tossed them in the back seat with our leftovers. I went to grab my work bag so I could actually put them in there, but couldn't Find them underneath. Eric and I started freaking out when we looked two cars over and saw a girl about our age, her sister and dad were standing outside her car. Her back window was busted out. The thieves grabbed her bag with her laptop and iPad. They stole another bag with her Glock, at least that could easily be traced. They were traveling and had all of their stuff piled up in the back of their suv.

Our two work bags were stolen and a small bag with change for parking meters. Eric's bag has his custom MacBookPro and his brand New iPad2 which had just arrived in the mail the day before!! My bag had my MacBookPro in it and a pouch with client backup files! All of my CAD work just happened to be in there this time, and now several months of work is now gone. It really does suck, but these things happen.

All of my photos that I've been gathering for posts are now gone since Our Time Machine hasn't back up the computer in some time. I ran out of room in my DropBox for more files. Needless to say, Eric and I made a trip to the Apple Store to see if they happen to have any MacBookPros with Hi-Res non glare screens and faster processors, but alas none...We placed the order for mine online while we were there, and Eric's company is buying a new one for him so he had to send them all the specs that were needed, and they placed the order.

I am so gad we added our computers to our home insurance last year, because that will cover my laptop.

I am still around! I've still got my iPad2 since I always keep it in my purse.
I've got my NCIDQ examination in 2 weeks and if you've been wondering why I haven't posted any reviews in the past several months, it is because I've been studying. On Friday April 1st, there are two 4 hour multiple choice exams. On Saturday, there is one exam broken up into two 4 hour segments all of which are drawn by hand...ugh! The first 4 hours consists of a complete space planning exercise hand drawn according to NCIDQ's codes and an electrical plan with lighting schedule and calculating the wattage used in the entire occupant's space.
The second for hours consists of five drawings: Egress, Life Safety, Restroom/Washroom Design, Systems integration, Millwork Design. if you are even remotely interested in what those are, I'd google it.

Woo! I am certainly looking forward to it!

When I get my new computer, and am finished with this intense exam, I'll be posting lots of reviews, which I need to redo manis and makeup swatches and retake a bazillion photos. :o(

Oh, and watch what you do, the officer that wrote up the two incidents in the lot said it happens all of the time, and they are pretty sure the thieves watch the lots and see what people do before getting out. I'm pretty sure that means they saw us slide our bags under the back seat, and is why they didn't bust our windows. They knew what they were going for.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Nubar's Spring Garden Collection on Sale!

Lovely colors!  Unfortunately, you won't see any swatches of these one me as I'm not one for these type of colors.

You can snatch up the entire collection for $39.95.  Click on the image to take you to Nubar's site.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inglot USA | Online Store Now Open

I just received word that the US online store for Inglot is now open!!

I'm a big fan of their AMC Lipglosses:

You can buy Inglot products at:
Inglot USA

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