Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You've got to know...Loodie Loodie Loodie!

I'm sure many of you have already heard of her, and are even following her, but I just had to give loodie loodie loodie a shout.

She is seriously the Bill Nye of Nail Science!!

The one post that really got me was her post "Moisturize Your Nails with Acetone...Kinda"
Check it out for help with getting the acetone to glycerin ratio down.  :o)

You'll definitely find yourself lost in her other extremely informative posts.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

**Giveaway Edited**

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that the lovely ladies of piCture pOlish informed me that the giveaway can only include the piCture pOlish colors so I am not able to include Ozotic Pro colors at all.

Not to worry as my next giveaway will include plenty of fun stuff.  I do apologize!!

*~*~CLOSED~*~* Giveaway!!!! | piCture pOlish

Hello ladies and Gents!

I know it has been a million year since I've last posted.  I've got my exam coming up at the end of next month and there have been so many other things going on in my life.  Once everything is settled, I can bring you all into the loop.  As for now...the lovely ladies at piCture pOlish has offered one of my lovely blog followers, a chance to win 3 of their piCture pOlish brand nail colors.

I definitely recommend Bombshell:

I'll have an actual review on that gorgeous color layered with I Lily Love You in the future.

To win just do the following:

1 | Go to piCture pOlishes online store here:  piCture pOlish
2 | Pick 3 piCture pOlish colors you want.  Courtesy of piCture pOlish
3 | Comment on this post with the 3 piCture pOlish colors you want
5 | Include your email address and tell me which color you are most excited to try out!
6 | If you want extra entries.  Leave a link to where you posted this piCture pOlish giveaway somewhere on your blog, tweeted or even posted on your facebook page.
That's all there is.

You have until October 2nd to get your entries in, and I'll announce the winner that week.
Everyone is welcome to enter.

Good luck!

**Please note that Ozotic Pro Colors are not included**