Monday, June 27, 2011

Redo My Shoe | Master of Strass

What girl doesn't love a pair of shoes that last forever, and if you are like me, most girls and raccoons then shiny things will keep your attention for hours on end.

Joseph at Redo My Shoe has made it possible for gals like you and me to take our Louboutins or high end shoes and make them into works of art!  A strassed pair of Louboutins usually cost more than $3,000.  With Joseph's company, you can send him your shoes, pick out any color of swarovski crystal, and pay him to strass your shoes.

You have to check out some of his work.

Look at this pair of Pigalle pumps:
One of his furbabies:
Are they not incredible?!

and these Ron Ron Pumps:

And this one is for you all to go blind from staring at them twinkle for hours on end:

You can check out more of his work here:

Redo My Shoe offers many different services listed on the side of his blog.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie Braziliant Summer 2011 | Swatches: Absolutely Shore, Super Bossa Nova, Braziliant and Smooth Sailing

The Braziliant Summer 2011 collection by Essie is hot!  I have my four faves from this collection.

Absolutely Shore:

Absolutely Shore | Two Coats

Absolutely Shore  | In the Shade
Absolutely Shore:  Is a fabulous pastel sea foam green.

Super Bossa Nova:

Super Bossa Nova | Two Coats

Super Bossa Nova | In the Shade
Super Bossa Nova:  Is a vibrant shimmery fuchsia.  The shimmer is on the soft blue side in the sun, but indoors it translates to a hot pink shimmer.


Braziliant | Two Coats

Braziliant | In the Shade
Braziliant:  Is a vibrant orange with a hint of warm shimmer.  After swatching this one I really did not want to remove it, but I had to in order to swatch other colors.  After all the swatches were done.  I wore Braziliant and Super Bossa Nova as an actual manicure.  XD

Smooth Sailing:

Smooth Sailing | Two Coats

Smooth Sailing | In the Shade
Smooth Sailing:  According to Essie Smooth Sailing is a shimmery lavender blue, but it looks more like periwinkle to me in real life.  Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous color!  This is definitely one to grab.

Any of you grab all the colors from the Braziliant line?  What do you think about this collection?

Essie Wedding Collection 2011 | Swatches *PHOTO HEAVY*

I picked up the set at Ulta a while back.  It was right after they finished their promotion of buy 2 get one free.  I didn't realize it was over, but the sign was still up so they honored the promotion and I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase.  So I got a pretty darn good deal.  I'm not one for sheer colors, but the two sheers would work very well for French manicures.

Better Together:

Better Together | Two Coats
Better Together is a sheer baby pink that smooths out quite nicely.  I'm not sure how well the pink would translate on stained nails, but my ring finger has a small silk patch and it isn't too visible.  :o)

Made To Honor:

Made To Honor | Two Coats

Made To Honor is a nude sheer and would look great in a french manicure as well. It looked patchy when I started to paint, but it smoothed out very nicely.

Borrowed & Blue:

Borrowed & Blue | Two Coats

Borrowed & Blue is a beautiful opaque pastel blue.  The formula was very thick to me and dried very quickly.  Though it smooths out, I find it very unforgiving.  You can easily see the silk repair patch on my ring finger.  This one was the most difficult to apply.  :o(

First Dance:

First Dance | Two Coats

First Dance:  This eye searing red has a jelly-like texture and glided on like butter.  This is one sexy red.  The formula is absolute perfection.  It hid all the little imperfections and is extremely glossy.

I really enjoyed this collection.  Have any of you picked up any of these colors?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Haul | Paul & Joe Summer 2011 & Waterproof eyeliner *PHOTO HEAVY*

Hiya folks!

I've had these items items for quite some time and finally took photos!  Although my camera is on the fritz I've recently been able to get it to snap photos.  Woo! always has free offers, and for Paul and Joe you can get the cute whale cosmetic bag.  Most of these items I got from Beauty Habit with the exception of the waterproof eyeliner.  It is from

I am a big fan of Paul & Joe with the nail polish remover which now takes the #1 spot in my list of top nail polish removers bumping Zoya's Remove+ to the #2 spot.  It is much more costly per ounce.  Paul & Joe offers one size of polish remover with a cost of around $15.00.

From left to right:  Body Lotion B, Bronzer B, Waterproof Eyeliner in Black, Whale Cosmetic Bag, Nail Polishes 014 Confetti, 015 Venus, 016 Mediterranean, Nail Enamel Remover

You can probably tell I've already used the polish remover several times.  I love it!  The formula is fantastic, and the glass bottle is very cute.

The cosmetic bag  has two large compartments with whale shaped brass hardware, and the material is almost like a rip-stop nylon.
Doesn't look like it'll hold much?  Guess again!!

Everything in their boxes fit!  The clear plastic is flat and the outside whale fabric is shaped to contain the items allowing the cosmetic bag to close.

The bronzer is housed in a pretty aqua blue pearlescent compact.

From Left to Right:  014 Confetti, 015 Venus, 016 Mediterranean

Paul & Joe also has a pink nail color and a red nail color in this limited edition collection, but these three were the ones that caught me.  They have Paul & Joe's usual Nail Enamel scent which is a very sweet floral at first, but then softens to be very pleasant in my opinion.  The scent is very similar to Anna Sui's polishes, but do not make me sick like the Anna Sui's do.
014 Confetti is packed with colorful and iridescent glitter.

015 Venus is an aqua blue that appears to be the signature color for this collection mixed with glitter.  The glitter appeared to be the same mix seen in confetti, but doesn't pop due to being suspended in the milky blue polish.  This color is so dreamy!!

016 Mediterranean is a seer blue jelly packed with blue disc glitter and multi sized blue and green-iridescent glitter.  Lots of fun, but you have to dig out the large glitter sometimes.  I say sometimes because there were times when I didn't try to fish out the glitter and I'd get a good heap of them on my nails.  XD

I hope you enjoyed checking out this haul!  Tell me, have you picked up anything from this collection?  Have you tried Paul & Joe's nail enamel remover, and if so, what do you think?

Unitl Next time!!