Friday, December 31, 2010


This is brilliant!

Humperdinks Dilemma Doorstop | Available at


I've seen this little guy for such a long time!  I recently saw him for sale on a site and his purchase price was 34.95 AUD.  Way more than I wanted to spend.

Well I went to Hugh Thomas' Coroflot's portfolio and saw he had Humperdinks Dilemma for sale as well!

These images are from Hugh Thomas' porfolio page:

Right now he is only 15.00 AUD on

Sunday, December 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...


Congratulations Jessica @ Jessica v. Polish!!  Her newsletter entry was the winning selection. I would like to thank Stride Everyday for offering to send Jessica her selected product.
I'd love to see some swatches soon!  :oP

Thanks to all of you for entering, and I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!

Take care everyone!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

One more Day to enter!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that the giveaway will close tomorrow, and I will announce the winner.

If you've been waiting to enter, now is your chance to go for it.  XD

Good luck to those of you who have already entered!!

Take care!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MAC's "Bad Fairy" vs Accessorize's "Pink Spice"

We all know about the quickly sold out Bad Fairy by MAC, and when images of Accessorize's new line started surfacing there was plenty of talk.

Needless to say I wanted to find out if Pink Spice was indeed a dupe for Bad Fairy.
These two could easily be dupes, but I may be splitting hairs by saying I do see some extremely slight differences that my camera cannot pick up.

In the bottles, Bad Fairy obviously has larger foil flecks whilst Pink Spice has a much smoother appearance.

But on the nails...

I can hardly tell a difference.  In some lights I can see just the slightest difference, but I have to look very closely.  Bad Fairy seems to have just a smidge more of the burgundy color, and the copper flash is sometimes stronger than in Pink Spice.

Can any of you tell me which nails have Pink Spice and which ones have Bad Fairy?  After some guesses from you all, I'll let you know in the comments which one is which.  :oP

These could easily be dupes depending on the batch.

Application wise, I found Pink Spice dries more quickly and my Bad Fairy had a Crummy brush like many others.

If you missed out on Bad Fairy I definitely think Pink Spice is a fabulous alternative.

You can enter My Christmas giveaway with Stride Panties for a chance to win Accessorize's Pink Spice
You can order it from Accessorize
Here is the direct link:  Illusion Pink Spice Nail Polish

Per request, coming soon is a review on Paul and Joe's Cat lipstick from the Clair de Lune | Sparkles Collection: Autumn 2010
Also Viva La Nails!
Take care everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Perioral dermatitis


I went to the dermatologist today. I've been diagnosed with dermatitis on my scalp which has been a battle for quite some time now but I really needed something better to control the irritation.  I also got fed up with bumps on my chin and above my lip.  The bumps have been leaving red dots all over my chin and upper lip.  I've even had a few cysts.  :o(

I found out that it isn't acne, but perioral dermatitis.  He prescribed Metronidazole for the acne-like bumps.

If any of you are suffering from acne-like bumps around the mouth area I highly encourage you to see a dermatologist.

I sure hope it at least helps!
I wanted to review Inglot's AMC Lipgloss, but I don't want to scare anyone.  I'll try to do a review and maybe it will be a before and after the treatment.

Monday, December 6, 2010

****CLOSED**** Merry Christmas Everyone!! | Stride and Fun Stuff Giveaway

This giveaway has now ended.  Thanks for entering everyone!!!!
Howdy Howdy!!

I have a giveaway for all my lovely followers!  I want to thank you so much for supporting by blog, and I hope to get back into the swing of things.  I certainly know I'm missing out on a lot of fabulous giveaways.  Booooo...

Anyway...Drumroll please!
Here is your chance to win a free STRIDE Everyday panty of your choice!!!!

To Enter:
First, you must visit Stride Everyday to select which panty you would like.

Then, comment on this post with your selection and leave your email address in case you win.  ;o)

You can gain additional entries by doing the following:
Mention this giveaway on your blog
Tweet about this giveaway
Please leave a link in your comment so I may count them as additional entries.
This giveaway is available to all of you.
The panty will be sent to you from STRIDE Everyday, and the additional items will be shipped from me.
The winner will be drawn December 19, 2010 so hopefully the winner can receive their goodies that week.  XD
 Now for the additional goodies...
I've been collecting items for quite a while now.  :oP
 Yay!  Christmas Tree!!

All of the items the winner will be receiving, and I'll be adding extras in the box.  :oP
  •  Your Choice of Everyday Panty!!!!
  • Strawberry Kiwi Cuticle Oil
  • OPI Summer Flutter Minis
  • Borghese Minis
  • Sandy Nail File
  • Bonbon Mini Gloss
  • Travel Size Berry Vanilla & Coconut Vanilla BBW Lotions
  • The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter
  • Sula Paint and Peel Polishes
  • Man Glaze | Matte is Murder
  • Beach Black | Dickweed
  • Milani | Dress Maker
  • $OPI | Full Moon
  • Set of Island Girl Mood Polises
  • Accessorize | Pink Spice (Similar to MAC's Bad Fairy)
  • Mini Orly | Velvet Rope
  • Some Body Shop Samples
  • Body Shop Gift tin with Hand Care Items inside
  • Body Shop Shower Pouf
  • Wooden Cuticle Sticks
  • Sheet of Nail Stickers and Jewels
  • Nfu Oh Layering Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Metallic Polishes
  • Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover
  • Nfu Oh Aqua Base
  • Nfu Oh Holos
  • Essie Fall Minis
  • Lip Smackers Coconut Julius Gloss
  • Urban Decay | Gimlet
  • MAC | Marine Life Highlighting Powder
Some items not photographed
  • RBL | Scrangie 
  • Del Sol | Island Fever 
  • Lush | Lemony Flutter
  • Speck iPhone4 Case
  • The other Nfu Oh Holos (The winner will receive all six colors)
  • Inglot | AMC Lipgloss #542
  • Fruits and Passion Reusable Shopping Bag

Good Luck Everyone!!!!  Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Get ready for some upcoming reviews!  XD 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stride Everyday Panties | Review

Hi everyone!

I was contacted quite a few months ago to try out Stride Everyday panties when I first looked them up I was curious as to how these could benefit me. After looking further into their product line, I realized I could try them out during that time of the month when I go running! How more pantliners! They offered to send me a pair to try, and I agreed.

I requested the sport bikini in a size small. They sent me the black print which is very cute and the style fit me perfectly. Eric even complimented me while I was trying them on and checking them out. Funny yet true. I then wore them out for a test run and running + hot Texas heat = lots of sweat, but what I found out is that the panties work very well for wicking away moisture and you can easily run around without having that unsightly crotch sweat. I know that might paint a vivid picture, but sweaty bodies aren't always sexy.
My favorite part about the sport bikini was its ability to keep in place. I did not have a problem with them trying to ride up while running.

The Sport Bikini stays put, fitting smoothly and securely.
• lower sporty profile for active wear
• soft fabric and clean finishing so you hardly know you’re wearing them
Nylon 90%, Spandex 10%

The colors that this particular style comes in are:
Black, Nude, Black and White Floral, Cherry Floral and Violet Floral.

There are five different styles altogether:
Seamless, Mid Rise Brief, Lacy Thong, Sport Bikini and the only one not shown is the French Cut (High Rise)

Stride Everyday uses OQUOS™ Technology.

Founder and President
Wendy Spencer
Stride Everyday was founded by Wendy Spencer as a result of her own frustrations trying to find an economical alternative to pantyliners. Stress incontinence can happen to many women of all ages, and these panties were invented to help with light flows.

"Wendy and her team worked with a strong R&D partner to design the patented fabric technology and permanently built it into the panty’s gusset. The patented technology is revolutionary in its super-absorbent ability to wick moisture from the top layer, absorb and you and your clothes stay dry."

STRIDE Everyday panties are available at their shop with a price range of $14.99 to $24.99.
Right now you can use coupon code STRIDE971 to get 20% off of any purchase until December 31st, and their site shows another coupon code good until tomorrow.
Check it our here.

For more information or to purchase STRIDE Everyday Panties, please visit

Get ready for my next post to win a panty of your choice courtesy of STRIDE Everyday along with some fun goodies for Christmas!

Have a fab week! XD

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will be back next week!!

Hey everyone!!

I know I have been very unexciting with posting nada for the past couple of months.

My husband gave me his computer so I will be able to start posting!! XD

I will be hosting a giveaway as well. Compliments of Stride (Underwear, not the Gum) :o)
I find them to be great when running in the hot Texas heat.

Thank you so much shortwidenails for checking up on me. I saw my Surgeon for a follow up last week, and I've been cleared to do almost everything except full-contact sports. :-/ Did I look like the kind of person that would do that anyhow? :oP
Li, I'd like to send you a thank you gift, so if you email me a shipping address I'll drop off your gift in the mail.

Take care everyone, and I'll talk to y'all next week before Thanksgiving!!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

NARS Zulu is back

Hey everyone!

If you missed out on Zulu and others the first time now is your chance to snag it.


You gan get it at NARS Vintage Nail Polish

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For $29.00 at HauteLook, you can get $50.00 to spend at The Body Shop!!!!

I received my daily Hautelook email, and I saw this deal. Holy smokes!!
Spend $29.00, Get $50.00 to spend at The Body Shop.

I just bought a few. This will be great for gifts or use it to buy products and make cute gift baskets. XD

If you don't have an Hautelook account you can go to the following link: Hautelook
That is an invite from me.  By the way invite your friends, and when they make their first purchase, you get $10.00 to spend at Hautelook.

By the way...I got a replacement Illamasqua Nail Polish from Sephora, and they were so sweet to also give me an additional 100 Beauty Insider Points for the inconvenience. I am so happy for their wonderful customer service.


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Friday, August 27, 2010

Illamasqua Phallic | Bottle Fail!! received my beautiful blue polish only to not be able to get it out of the box. After pushing it through I notice the poor thing was dry and crispy.
This is after I got the cover cap off. I'm taking it into Sephora and hopefully I can get a replacement. :o(

When I can use it and my computer is back up I'll have swatches of this beauty.

Plus I received some gorgeous Kiko polishes from the lovely Theallmenta,

I can't wait to post photos of them!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fixed up and still slow

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you on my recovery.

I went from this:

To this:

Everything else is going well. My sister and I will be having a joint birthday party on Saturday. I'm super excited!

Thank you for all the well wishes. I gathered a few more items for my returning giveaway.


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Surgery | August 9, 2010

Hey everyone! I'll be having surgery in about 11 hrs. I am scheduled for around noon.

They will be putting a plate on my broken clavicle to hold it together.

Wish me luck!


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Paul and Joe | Sparkle Collectio

How fun! I purchased the moon shadow lipstick and over the moon.
The lipsticks cost $25 and the face and eye palettes are $35.

You can check out some of the available Limited Edition items here:

I went ahead and grabbed the blue Alice in Wonderland set while I was shopping. I adore the blotting case with The White Rabbit and Dinah! The pink one has Alice and Dinah on it.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ugh! | Scary face!

Hey everyone! I'm super tired and still haven't had a chance to fiddle with my craptop, but rest assured I have a million things I need to post.

Eric and I were in Austin this weekend with a friend at her parent's ranch house. We decided to go for a leisurely ride on all our mountain bikes Saturday, late afternoon. We were going down a hill and our friend was a little ways ahead, and my husband was right behind me. (He was always nervous about me riding a mountain bike on the trails, and I only went once. Got hurt that one and only time). He told me to use the rear brakes and as I was I had an episode like blacking out bur not actually losing consciousness. The next thing I know I realize I'm in the shoulder running over loose gravel at 25 mph, and lose control of the bike.

I landed really hard on my left side, slide and roll. I'm pretty sure that is what happened as Eric still doesn't want to talk about what happened. He said if he can ever think about it without wanting to cry he'll tell me, and I understand since he saw the whole thing. I didn't black out but it happened so fast. I sat up and took my helmet off while he ran up to me and gave me his shirt to stop the bleeding laceration on my face.

Our friend had come back and was calling her mom to get some first aid ready. While her brother was coming to help gather all of us and the bikes in his truck, an air conditioning truck full of guys actually helped bring my husband and me back to the ranch house. (We were only about 1/2 a mile down the road). I told my husband the only thing that hurt was my shoulder, and I felt fine. He was too worried about my face. Our friend's family is so hospitable, and her mom was cleaning my face, and I let her know that my shoulder was hurting and it was swollen, while she told me I definitely needed sutures for the laceration by my jaw line.

Our friend got back to the house and drove me to the ER.
These are some photos of the number I did to myself. (I told Eric to take photos so I could remember this. I wonder what I looked like before cleanup)

Right after the scrub down. Now I'm all swollen, black, green, purple, yellow you name it that color is somewhere on the left side of my swollen body.

Six stitches along my jawline and one for the soul patch. I should have taken a photo on Monday and Tuesday because I looked horrific! The left side of my face got pretty fat.

This is what I look like right now. Beautiful aren't I? Sorry about that look on my face I needed the flash on my phone so I couldn't use the front facing camera. :oP
I got my stitches out today. Oh forgot to mention that I fractured my clavicle, and I found out yesterday that this is what it looks like under that lump:

Tada! Too displaced for a natural recovery. What was a 6 week full-recovery has now turned into 6 months after surgery. :-/

While we are at it here is the helmet I was wearing:
Front left:

Front right:

Back and my broken nails (My nails took a long time to stop bleeding):

Once my comp and my body are up and running I'll be sure to post some awesome winnings I've received, plus some reviews of items I've been using.

Take care and be careful out there! This could have been worse, about a mile from where I wrecked there was a bicycle memorial someone put on the side of the street. Someone died on that very same street. :'(

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Friday, July 2, 2010

tokidoki Pittura Brush Set @ Sephora

Hey everyone! I just purchased the cute brush set by tokidoki at Sephora! XD

Here is a screenshot of what they look like on Sephora's website. I haven't used them yet, but I am looking forward to.

The set is $35.00 and you can find it here:
Pittura Brush Set | tokidoki

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mayday | My Craptop is Sinking.

Needless to say, the hard rive in my laptop is frying up. I can turn it on, but all have started crashing since the most recent osx update.

I cannot get any photos loaded to my iPad because of this debacle.

I'll be back hopefully in a month or so. So you all can take a break from my blog if you would like to join the many others out there then you'll have some space.

I hit my limit of following 300 blogs and I can't follow any more. :o(
I'll have to see what I can do.

No worries for those of you that want to weed me out. I'll be back, and I will give you all a heads up. I just can't do anything if I can't get to my photos.

Lots of love and thanks for all of your support.
I will have a welcome back giveaway since I already have a pile of stuff, but can't get to my darn photos for the life of me.

It will have to wait, but until then check out the fabulous Babbling Brooke and her awesome 2nd Birthday Giveaway here:

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RSS Subscriptions

Hi everyone!

If you want to subscribe with other accounts such as yahoo and had trouble, Under Google Friend Connect you can find other ways to subscribe.

You can also go to :

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Borghese | Mini Torta Dolce

How cute are these?! I saw this in Walgreens.
The lighter set says they are the "icing" on your perfect manicure.
I'll try them on a blue color.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dainty Darling Digits | My Winnings

The Good, the bad, and the pretty!!!!  (Definitely not ugly)

I won these mouth watering polishes and fragrant cubes from Loverlada at Dainty Darling Digits!!
Gorgeous colors!
This is my first Hard Candy Polish...EVER!  I have not been in a Wal-Mart in over a year...but, I may stop by just to grab some Hard Candy Nail Polishes.

I brushed everything on as soon as I unwrapped it.
My index has Hard Candy's Lava with SH Hidden Treasure on top.
Middle has Hard Candy's Lava by itself.
Ring has SH Fire Opal in Flame Opal by itself.
Pinky has SH Fire Opal in Flame Opal with SH Hidden Treasure on top.

These scented cubes are unbelievable!  Striking scents packed perfectly compact!

Thank you so much!  I've been having to much fun making everyone smell the cubes.  Haha!

Yardsticks 4 Lunatics | RAOK

If you don't know what RAOK is then check out Tiffani at Yardsticks 4 Lunatics post here:

Tiffani, you are so sweet and it really did bring a tear to my eye to read all of the nice words you have written.  :o)

Not only did Tiffani write such nice words her photos are amazing!  I received an email from her not long after saying she was sending me something, and I got home one day to a huge package sitting by my front door.

I ripped open the box and was greeted by a letter saying, "Open Me First"...A GAME!!  :o)
It was a letter with a fun story, and I was to fill in some blanks with certain polish names from the nail polishes that were given to me.

Oh boy, as I read it, I started going through the BUTT-load of polishes trying to figure out which polish names filled which blanks.  I almost finished it.  I'm still missing the last set of blanks.

These are the special fill-in-the-blank polishes:

She also sent me some goodies for my crusty feet, and Hello Kitty Band-aids for all my booboos.  
I've been wearing that pretty anklet since I rubbed down my ex-crusty now gleaming tootsies.  :o)

Thank you so much Tiffani for being a lovely woman inside and out!

That was my Random Act of Kindness from the Commish's wife at Yardsticks 4 Lunatics.

Makeup By Mai | My Winnings

I entered Makeup By Mai's First Giveaway, and this is what I won:
This Secret antiperspirant/deodorant is amazing!  The scent is not too overpowering, and the solid just glides on without a lot of residue.
I was so happy to get the Loreal Go 360 Clean gel wash.  I'm almost out and this is perfect for my super oily skin.
I have yet to try any NYX cosmetics for my face.

Mai, excellent job on the color selection!  I am a neutral makeup kind of gal, and these are totally up my alley.

Thank you soooo much!


Sailor Wifey | My Winnings

A great big thanks to the one and only SailorWifey!!!
I entered her giveaway and this was the treasure I was sent.  I received pastel purple dream socks.  They are not in the photo as I was wearing them at the time.  I'll try my best to take photos of everything before I start tearing into the loot.  :o)

I was just too excited!

The lip gloss is delish, and the Hello Kitty eyelash curler is now my favorite curler.

Thank you so much SailorWifey!

Quick Bundle Monster Nail

I couldn't help but grab that set of plates a while back, and this was the only thing I have done with it.  I can't even remember how long ago I did this.

I do know I used OPI's DS Fantasy with Konad's Special Polish in White and Yellow.
 The plate was well engraved and did not give me any trouble.  My poor butterfly had to be upside down on this hand.  I should have used the stamp transfer method.


Anniversary | 05.19.07-05.19.10

This year is my 3-year anniversary, and my hunny bunny surprised me by taking me out to eat at Del Frisco's.  I thought we would have gone to Carrabba's especially since their food is so delicious.
Well the steak and side dishes were soooo delicious at Del Frisco's, and I don't even like steak or hamburgers.  I know I'm weird.  :oP

No photos of the food as I was too distracted.

Before he took me out to eat we had about 30 minutes to kill, and he wanted to take me shopping.  We went to a few different boutiques, but with not a lot of time we went into White House | Black Market because he knew I wanted these super cute espadrilles, and I usually wear a 6.5, but they didn't have it online and neither did the shop so I tried on the 7s and they were perfect!

 I wore OPI's Mad as a Hatter over Savina's Black Pearl.

 I wore Zoya's Ivanka with Konad and Rhinestones.

Eric let me pick what ever I wanted but I had to shop fast.  I really need a new carry-on so I was thinking about getting either the Pegase or the Keepall with my initials and stripes in either pink and blue or pink and green.
I was afraid it would take to long so we went into Tiffany & Co.  I saw this bracelet and was so happy to find out it was over $300 less than the one in silver.
You can find it here:  Tiffany & Co.  |  Elsa Peretti Small Bone Cuff in Ruthenium over Copper

Ha!  The bike totally photo-bombed this picture.

Three wonderful years of marriage and many many more to go.  :o)