Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Sidebar for Giveaways

Hi lovelies!

I feel so bad for spamming you all with giveaways that take up sooooo much room.  So I have implemented a section specifically for all of your wonderful giveaways.

I will start posting any new giveaways here, and will let you know to check it out when it has been updated.

So this post isn't so boring...
Bonus pics!:
Getting ready to paint!  Woo hoo!
 Ugh!  That super ugly builder-grade lighting. *Barf*
Don't worry about the ugly valance above the sink.  It has been removed, and will never see the light of day through any of our windows.
Yay!!  You can see my winnings from Bria at Confessions of a Polisholic on the breakfast table.  :o)

 I cannot wait to get rid of these laminate countertops.  The adhesive used to bind the particles together contains formaldehyde, and many types of furniture do too.

One thing I found out in a CEU class is to have the air tested in your home.  Especially if you find yourself getting ill frequently as it could be a result of formaldehyde or other toxins.  Really, it could be so bad that even all of your old formula polishes poured all over your floor would not contain anything close to what your furniture or building materials may have.

In case you were wondering, a CEU class is something all licensed designers have to take.  Each year you have to have a certain amount of credits to be able to keep your license, and practice design.

Until next time!  :o)


Skulda said...

You have a lovely home.

Rhea said...

Whoaaa, the view outside your home is soooo lovely!!!

Laura said...

Thanks! I do love trees. :o)
Hopefully we can make it very, very lovely!

Liana said...

What a lovely house!!!

Claire's Blog said...

Nice house !I envy you !

Laura said...

Thanks so much! I love it. We've been here for two years, and we are just now starting our touch to it.

C A S S I E said...

i love your house!

follow me please!!

Arrianne said...

Beautiful house! Jealous.

Nikki Warner said...

Love the house!

I'm having a giveaway :)