Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My winnings!!!! :o)

Yay!  I have won again!!!!

First my winnings from Bria at Confessions of a Polisholic:
 Yes I ate all of the candy before the photoshoot, and it was delicious!  There were more sweetarts, but no one wants to see a bagilliondy wrappers.
I now have:  A cute travel-size hand was by The Body Shop, Zoya's America and Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie, Let's Meet and HD Nails.

Check here out here:  Confessions of a Polisholic
 I know I have a million polishes to swatch, and I won't be able to swatch anything anytime soon.  My husband and I are painting our breakfast and kitchen area.  Soooo...my nails have been commando since sporting my Shrek manicure.

Bonus Pic:
This is a before photo of our breakfast room bench.  The little old man and I are posing, and we moved the table over so we could tape.  Aha!  I am sporting my Wailea Ponytail Holder.  You can find that little beauty at the France Luxe Website and I am giving two away in the 259 Followers Celebratory Giveaway. 

Click my link at the top of my blog to enter!  ;o)   

So that is my excuse.
Anyways...back to all of the wonderful things I have won!

I just won this from Makeup By Mai:
I love the scrublet, and I am extremely fond of the cleanser.  Citrus Bliss Secret!  I haven't tried this yet, but I am totally stoked about it.

You can check out Mai here:  Makeup By Mai

Thanks so much ladies, and I will hopefully get crackin soon.

I will have Eric draw a name from a hat, bucket or bowl this Sunday so get your name in the hat!


Skulda said...

Woo Hoo! Great haul!
I love painting. Make sure to show us your finished product. :)

Laura said...

I certainly will. We already changed our 1/2 Bath, but I forgot to photograph the before. :o(

Trina said...

I would love to see the swatches of the nail polish. I will wait for those. :)


Ida said...

Congrats! Winning a giveaway is always a really pleasant surprise :) And I'd love to see an after photo of the bench.

Camy said...

Congrats for the prizes!

Suzanna said...

congrats on the win!! how exciting!

xxx suzanna

Laura said...

Thanks! Having my name drawn is soo exciting! I'll be sure so post more photos of what we do.


zashiq5 said...

lucky girl!

Jackie S. said...

Congrats on the giveaway, and I would have eaten all the candy immediately too :):)

Also I post my giveaways on the side soo, so many to post, so now they have their own special section :)


Arrianne said...

I've been wondering how good the 360 cleansers were. Do you like it?

Bria said...

I'm glad it got to you ok!
Enjoy them!