Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mayday | My Craptop is Sinking.

Needless to say, the hard rive in my laptop is frying up. I can turn it on, but all have started crashing since the most recent osx update.

I cannot get any photos loaded to my iPad because of this debacle.

I'll be back hopefully in a month or so. So you all can take a break from my blog if you would like to join the many others out there then you'll have some space.

I hit my limit of following 300 blogs and I can't follow any more. :o(
I'll have to see what I can do.

No worries for those of you that want to weed me out. I'll be back, and I will give you all a heads up. I just can't do anything if I can't get to my photos.

Lots of love and thanks for all of your support.
I will have a welcome back giveaway since I already have a pile of stuff, but can't get to my darn photos for the life of me.

It will have to wait, but until then check out the fabulous Babbling Brooke and her awesome 2nd Birthday Giveaway here:

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Bottled Malice said...

Make sure you do a full backup before you crash for good!

Tammy said...

Aww sucks to hear about your laptop :( Hope to hear from you soon!

you nailed it! said...

I awarded you with a Sweet Blog Award!

xx ♥