Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And The Winners are...

Stuff for the Kitchen...
Congratulations to peripatetic33
I will be sending you some items for your kitchen with the red gloves.  :o)
I've also tossed a few things that were not listed.  :D

Top-Off Your Summer...
Congratulations to paintedladyfingers
I really enjoy your blog, and you always have (and win) the best giveaways.

I will be emailing you ladies for your addresses.  Thank you so much everyone!!

I will be back pretty soon.  I still have to post my winnings from:
Sailor Wifey
Makeup by Mai
Dainty Darling Digits
I will also post about a super sweet gift sent to me from Tiffani at
Yardsticks 4 Lunatics
Thank you so much ladies!  Also, thank you to everyone who follows my crazy ramblings.  :oP
You all have such big hearts, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  If you have a blog, and I am not following you please let me know so I can follow you. 

AND...I still have to post about my wedding anniversary and some recent hauls.  I am so behind.

Until next time!  :o)


rhaindropz said...

you're lucky lucky girl!!! congrats on your winners and also to your winnings =)

hugs and kisses

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Aww...Thanks! :o)

paintedladyfingers said...

Thank you so much, Laura! I am so excited!
I am going to e-mail you my information right now! <3

I really appreciate your sweet words about my blog. You are wonderful! xoxo!

angelamhiere said...

lucky girl!!! congratulations! ^__^

Laura, please check my blog... here's the link:

thanks! ^__^

tiefazatie said...

congrates to the winner..=)

you nailed it! said...

wow, you win so many give aways!
you're lucky

shruti said...

congratulations to the winners!!! you'll are lucky!! amazing stuff, again, Laura :)

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Thanks so much everyone! :o)

If my local Claire's can receive more mood polishes, perhaps I'll have another giveaway. I've had so many ladies not able to get their hands on them, and it really stinks that not all Claire's have them.

Jackie S. said...

Congrats to the winners!