Sunday, March 21, 2010

Satori Spa & Salon in the Heights | Chilly N Me!! | Go Aeros!!

What can I say...I finally broke down and got a proper wash, cut and style.  Boy am I glad I did.  I had THE BEST experience ever.  My husband loves my hair long, but the weight causes some angry headaches.  I have more hair than I like to imagine.
I would always go to Toni & Guy whenever I actually would get a proper cut, but I visited a stylist named Juan Cao in the past, and loved the atmosphere of his salon Satori Salon & Spa located in the Heights just down the street from Downtown Houston.
I did not take photos, but I certainly will so you can see this place.
As I sat down to get a trim, Juan could tell I needed to stay close to my length.  He gave my long hair massive layers while mentioning several times that I still had enough to share with two other people.  He cut so much off, the relief was instantaneous, and Eric was surprised to see that only a few inches were actually gone.  I will get a better photo of what my trim looks like.

This was by far, the best, I repeat THE BEST experience I have ever had.  Juan was very thorough and is such a kind-hearted guy.  If you ever plan on being in the Houston area, I highly recommend calling Satori Salon and setting up an appointment just for the experience.
I see Juan Cao at the Heights location.  He is the owner of Satori Salons.  You can see his website here:
Satori Salon

On another side note...
I do love me some hockey. Dudes fighting an occasional fight so bad there is blood on the ice.
And who can forget the best mascot "Chilly"!!
My husband took this photo and manage to miss our arms. (I was flexing too)
I'm sure everyone knows about HauteLook.
If you are not a member you can sign up here:
The coat you see is from one of their Millard Fillmore sales.  This was priced at $45.00 and I purchased another coat priced at $56.00.  That being said I really only spent $30.00 for both.  That is correct!!  Only $30.00.  When you invite friends, and they make their first purchase you receive a $10.00 credit.  At one point HauteLook was offering a a great deal!  If you invited over 5 people they would give you a $25.00 credit for each time your invitee made their first purchase.  Needless to say, a few of my friends made a purchase and I was able to get this and another coat for $30.00!!


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haha, that pic is so cute!!! =)

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Chilly is so sweet. :o)