Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have always wanted to try out Zoya's Remove+
They are offering an 8oz bottle with any $10 purchase.
The coupon expires Monday March 15th, and be sure to use the code BF5 at check out!


Fabulous Street is offering a 10% discount on purchases of $125 or more until March 31st.
Go break your bank here!!

Sorry ladies!  I forgot the coupon code.  Thanks Bubu for letting me know!
It is:  fabmarch2010


I figured it wouldn't hurt to promote myself again.  :o)
Three lucky ladies will win a set of these, and the first person selected will also receive a bottle of Seche Vite.
Check out my Claire's Mood Polish Giveaway here:


Skulda said...

Eeeeeee! Mood polishes! XD

Rhea said...

Hey, you just reached a 100 followers! CONGRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*throws loads of confetti*

bubu said...

Hi, I don`t see the coupon on Nfu-Oh, how can I have the discount ordering?

Jackie S. said...

Great Zoya coupon code!