Sunday, March 14, 2010

Expressionery | 40% Off and Free Standard Shipping within the US

Oh goodness!  I think I almost fainted!

Is it just me or does anyone else love Hello Kitty?  I've been to expressionery before and purchased the Giggling Hello Kitty Stamper.  Check out all of the Hello Kitty items here:
Too cute!  This was way back when they had 40% off of everything.

Now they are doing it again for Mother's Day.

Until  May 31, 2010 use the code MOM2010 
and get 40% off of your purchase!!!!

I have also purchased PSA Stamps from them, and those have interchangeable
Peel & Stick ™ stampers.  You can change the two different rings.  Check out the actual PSA site here:

I can't  forget to mention their embossers!  Everytime I use one people always comment on what a great touch this adds to my cards.  I also use round sticker seals and emboss those to add a little extra to presents!
Check out their selection here:
Expressionery | Embossers

I'm not sure if they offer plates only, but you can always contact them if you already have the embosser.
I like to go to Wilshire Graphic Press.
This is where I get my kraft seals, and I have their Extra-Long Reach Model and the Desktop Model.  I may have to invest in the hand-held.

Check them out!
Wilshire Graphic Press | Embosser Models

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Imo said...

I love hello kiitty! check out my nail post ive got her painted on my thumb :)