Friday, June 17, 2011

OPI DS Glamour | Konad Bows and Silver Shatter!!

Yay for stampys!!  Eric noticed I didn't do any stamping nail art for the past few months, and when he noticed I realized I was getting a little fuddy duddy.  So I decided to bust out his favorite color OPI DS Glamour with the center image from plate M56:
Image from WowSoCool | Click Image to go to their site

Lot of Holo goodness!  This is the second Glamour I purchased during a panic of having only 1/8th of a bottle left, and I've gone through 1/3rd of this bottle.  Good thing I have two more backups.  I hope they last!!
I used Konad's special polish in white for the bows and silver crackle on my ring finger just for more glitz and glamour.

Tell me, has it been a while since you've done stampy designs as well?


Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Love it . Loooks super pretty

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

XD I have the hardest time not looking at it!

Poetic Realist said...

I love that design!!! That plate is definitely on my wishlist.

Freshie said...

This is my fave plate, love how you mixed this up!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Thanks ladies! I definitely find myself going to this plate all the time whenever I do manage to create a stampy manicure. I like the flowers a lot as well because it looks so lacy. I'll have to recreate a mani I did a while back with a powdery pink nail color and the flowers stamped in black. I had photos on my stolen computer of it. No backups of those images! :o(