Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie Wedding Collection 2011 | Swatches *PHOTO HEAVY*

I picked up the set at Ulta a while back.  It was right after they finished their promotion of buy 2 get one free.  I didn't realize it was over, but the sign was still up so they honored the promotion and I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase.  So I got a pretty darn good deal.  I'm not one for sheer colors, but the two sheers would work very well for French manicures.

Better Together:

Better Together | Two Coats
Better Together is a sheer baby pink that smooths out quite nicely.  I'm not sure how well the pink would translate on stained nails, but my ring finger has a small silk patch and it isn't too visible.  :o)

Made To Honor:

Made To Honor | Two Coats

Made To Honor is a nude sheer and would look great in a french manicure as well. It looked patchy when I started to paint, but it smoothed out very nicely.

Borrowed & Blue:

Borrowed & Blue | Two Coats

Borrowed & Blue is a beautiful opaque pastel blue.  The formula was very thick to me and dried very quickly.  Though it smooths out, I find it very unforgiving.  You can easily see the silk repair patch on my ring finger.  This one was the most difficult to apply.  :o(

First Dance:

First Dance | Two Coats

First Dance:  This eye searing red has a jelly-like texture and glided on like butter.  This is one sexy red.  The formula is absolute perfection.  It hid all the little imperfections and is extremely glossy.

I really enjoyed this collection.  Have any of you picked up any of these colors?


Twister said...

The first 2 look the same to me. I really like the blue one.

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

@Twister: I know! They are so sheer I could barely tell a difference with one coat.