Sunday, June 19, 2011

Essie Braziliant Summer 2011 | Swatches: Absolutely Shore, Super Bossa Nova, Braziliant and Smooth Sailing

The Braziliant Summer 2011 collection by Essie is hot!  I have my four faves from this collection.

Absolutely Shore:

Absolutely Shore | Two Coats

Absolutely Shore  | In the Shade
Absolutely Shore:  Is a fabulous pastel sea foam green.

Super Bossa Nova:

Super Bossa Nova | Two Coats

Super Bossa Nova | In the Shade
Super Bossa Nova:  Is a vibrant shimmery fuchsia.  The shimmer is on the soft blue side in the sun, but indoors it translates to a hot pink shimmer.


Braziliant | Two Coats

Braziliant | In the Shade
Braziliant:  Is a vibrant orange with a hint of warm shimmer.  After swatching this one I really did not want to remove it, but I had to in order to swatch other colors.  After all the swatches were done.  I wore Braziliant and Super Bossa Nova as an actual manicure.  XD

Smooth Sailing:

Smooth Sailing | Two Coats

Smooth Sailing | In the Shade
Smooth Sailing:  According to Essie Smooth Sailing is a shimmery lavender blue, but it looks more like periwinkle to me in real life.  Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous color!  This is definitely one to grab.

Any of you grab all the colors from the Braziliant line?  What do you think about this collection?


Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

my favorite has to be smooth sailing

Twister said...

I like them all but the pink one. I don't really do pink.

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

@Sarah Ali / Glossicious: Smooth Sailing is certainly the standout! :o)

@Twister: Pinks and reds aren't usually my cup of tea either, unless there are holo. :oP

Thea said...

Oh, I love all this polishes!! So so cute! Maybe you can check out my nailblog? I am a newbeginner, but I get better all the time! x)

Lots of hugs from Thea <3

Saimese said...

Smooth Sailing & Super Bossa Nova are great!