Sunday, May 16, 2010

*~*~CLOSED~*~* Top-Off Your Summer | Quick Giveaway!!

Thanks everyone!  This giveaway has ended.

To celebrate summer I have gathered a few items for a quick giveaway.

You have two weeks to enter!!!!

This is the lot one lucky follower will receive:

This lot includes the following:
  • Victoria's Secret:  Island Waters Hand & Body Cream
  • Victoria's Secret:  Mango Temptation Hand & Body Cream
  • Bath & Body Works:  Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in Midnight Pomegranate
  • Set of Six Holographic and Opalescent Glitters (Super-Fine Glitter)
  • Set of Six Holographic Glitter Spangles (Strips of Glitter)
  • Little Stack of Glam & Glitz Samples from my containers:
    • Four different colored Diamonds & Grey Mother of Pearl bits
    • You can see the Blue, Pink and Purple HERE, and the Grey an Pearl Here
  • Craft Mates Locking Caddy.  Great to hold Fimo Bits and Rhinestones!  :o)
  • Victoria's Secret:  Island Waters Body Mist
  • Bath & Body Works:  Berry Summer Vanillas Cooling Mist.  I love using this after I go running in the hot Houston heat.
  • Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure
  • OPI Mad as a Hatter
  • OPI SRO (Standing Room Only | Silver)
  • Sinful Colors  San Francisco.  When I got home, this sucker leaked everywhere, and I tried to wipe it down.  So, sorry if there are cotton bits on it.  :(
  • Sally Hansen Sea and be Seen
  • OPI Damone Roberts 1968
  • OPI Shrek Minis
  • Chanel Illusion D'or

Since so many of you like Konad and Rhinestones just like me...I am adding these two image plates:

I am actually wearing the full nail image from m51 right now.  :o)  You will get these two plates, a double-sided stamper, black and white special nail polish, and a plastic scraper.
I purchased the plates, double-stamper and special polishes from:  TIPS ON NAILS
Hilda is super nice and has some plates for sale.  I am so happy she had these as they are perfect for summer!  :o)
I purchased the Plastic Scraper from

I am also tossing in a rhinestone wheel and dried flowers I purchased from Nationwide Nail Supply in Houston.  NFU Oh Flakie #54,  Claire's Mood Polish in Earthy Happy, "For Rhinestones Only" Base/ Topcoat and a Victoria's Secret Pink Tote.
I put the dried flower into a cubed stackable container so the winner won't have tiny little containers all over the place.

This giveaway is for my lovely followers.
To enter please comment with your email address, and tell me what your favorite nail décor is.
You can gain an additional entry by posting this giveaway on your blog or tweeting about it.
Giveaway ends May 31st 2010.  I will announce the winner the following day.


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lumpika007 said...


I'm a follower via GFC, my email is fleurs.nails (at)

My favourite nail decor is plain simple konad. I've tried glitter, fimo slices, stones, you name it. But in the end I always return to konad.

Caitlin said...

This is a seriously awesome give away!! :)

My email adress is:

I'm not much for nail decors, I like simple nails that are just one shade but if I had to pick one I would say glitter :)

Claire's Blog said...

Hello Laura

I'm a follower via google friend connect (Claire's Blog).
My email is

My favorite nail decor is usually made with a konad disc. I tried a lot of things but I really enjoy the easy way to make my nails.

Lavish Lacquer said...
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Anneli said...

Hi, I would like to enter please. :) I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect and my e-mail is: andiegirl at gmail dot com

My favorite nail decor is leopard spots in different colors, either done by konad or free hand. There's so many color combinations you can do with it and I always get a lot of compliments when I've done spots. :)

Lavish Lacquer said...

Sorry I forgot my e-mail in the last post.
My e-mail is

I like to decorate my nails with Konad. My most use IP is M78.

Mikki Aragon said...

Hi, pls count me in!

Fave nail decor: glitter and rhinestones!

Link to your giveaway on my blog:

linked on my sidebar as well..


Smoochiefrog said...

I follow via my Google reader, but I added myself to the friend connect just in case.

I enjoy just basic polish. I've never tried konad or any baubles. I'm a purist, what can I say? :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hi I'm a follower as Helena :)
My favourite nail decorations are konadictures and rhinestones.

Rena said...

My favorite nail decor would have to be little diamonds, as long as they stay on! 8)


<33 REna

Michelle said...

What a great giveaway! Wow!
I follow via GFC as Michelle.

I like to use Konad but I much more enjoy creating something myself. I like to use rhinestones and babypearls <3 and nail art stripers are pretty handy.

My email is and I tweeted here:

Thanks a lot!

Hind&Hare said...

I am a follower (hind&hare)
I like the wattermelon nail
The Hind

ANSTAH said...

Hi Laura!!

Please add me to your giveaway!! I've been a follower for quite some time now using GFC: ANSTAH, my email is nailstah@gmail(dot)com

My favorite nail decor is probably a good layering polish or a konad design.

Thanks in advance for hosting such a generous giveaway!!


Rebie said...

Hi great giveaway

I'm a follower GFC (rebie59)
my favorite nail decor ever is GLITTER
my email is : mesvernisamoi (at) gmail (dot) com
I post about the giveaway here :

London's-beauty said...

following! enter me please!! XD
I'm so digging the prizes!
My favourite nail decor is black and silver stripes at the tip of my nails.

London's-beauty said...

I tweeted ^____^

London's-beauty said...

edit: my fav. nail decor is black and silver glitters on the tip of my nails. I don't have konad plates or anything like rhinestones. I use diamond stickers if that counts?

jellynat said...

My favorite decors are the stencils I create, definitely. :) Can be any shape, any color.

I'm a follower!

blog.jellynat - at - gmail dot com

Asami said...

Wow, great giveaway! Thank you for doing this. I am a follower and my favorite nail decor are brightly colored French tips with white polka dots. I wear it all the time.

Ana Rita said...

This giveaway is awesome! Thank you =D

My favorite nail decor are stickers or Konad stamping =)


I'm spreading the word in my blog's sidebar ( and, in the case that that doesn't counts, I tweeted here:

xoxo from Portugal

Ayuu said...

Hi ! please let me enter :)

I'm a follower with GFC and my email is ayuumi(at)hotmail(dot)fr

I made a link to your giveaway in my sidebar.

My fave decor is french mani with a cute touch like glittered liner, stamping, decals ... I prefer flowers design :)

Elfin814 said...

Hi there!

I'm a follower. My email is

My favorite nail decor? Anything glittery and shiny, and for this time of year, I like ladybug nails!

Awesome giveaway! Mad as a Hatter AND Hidden Treasure? Too much!!! :)

Katie said...

Follower!! hmm fav nail decor has to be anything with lots of glitter...i am a sucker for glitter and own this FANTASTIC purple nailpolish with huge chunks of was dirt cheap and has to be my favourite of all the colours i have owned. Too bad it is almost gone :(

Jessica D. said...

i don't really konad or anything, but from what others have fave "decor" would be the houndstooth konad. i love that!

jessica.decarlo at


Midge said...

I follow via google friend connect (Midge) and my email is smdgen AT gmail DOT com. I also posted a pic and link to this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog at

my fav nail decor is glitter and rhinestones!! They're just so easy to do and make your mani really stand out :)

susies1955 said...

I'm a follower with google friend connect with the name susies1955
My favorite nail decor is KONADING. :)

Tierney said...

WOW! Amazing giveaway!!

I'm a follower [:
my email is
I think my favorite nail decor would have to be polka dots. I always want to add polka dots, I just love them.

Cole said...

I'm a follower Cole R.

I like plain nails, just one shade but I do like.. glitter, stripes, polka dots. I actually prefer when each nail is a different color :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Awesome giveaway! O_O

I am a recent follower :D My email is

My favorite nail decor is clean french tips. I like the polished look because it goes with everything and is EASY to maintain :)

Sweetpz said...

HI Laura!
i'm a follower, thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy!

i've tried rhinestones, but with kids.. they tend to fall out =(
trying to see if there are other decor i can try =)



Amy said...

Wow! Awesome giveaway!
I'm a follower- Amy,
I would have to say my favorite nail décor is glitter! Nothing like a nice glitter topcoat to snazz up a manicure : )
Thanks! Great blog :D

ipehishere said...

HIi enter me pls
im allready ur followers , i cant decor my nail own self !! lol im sucks with that .. but if id pick decor nail, i ll put some girly and pink nail decor :)


thank you :)

ch3rryco1a said...

You have the best giveaways. :) my email is and I would love to win this stuff! My favorite nail decour would have to be konad. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a follower through google.


I am a magpie for all that glitters but I also do a lot of stamping with konad and fauxnad plates.

Jo said...

I'm a follower through GFC! My favourite nail decor is either Konad or rhinestones, I usually go for plain nails though (not much time to do pretty things ; P )


c.lette said...

omg best freaking giveaway i have ever seen!
my fav nail decor is rhinestones and gems

RoseBarbie said...

Hey, I have been a follower

My favorite nail décor is rhinestones. I also posted about your giveaway on my sidebar...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)

Keisha said...
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technopathetic said...

Hi Laura.
I'm a follower thru Google-technopathetic
My favorite nail décor is konad or water slide decals.
I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar.

Keisha said...

Hey I have been a follower!

My email is

My favorite nail decor is rhinestones, and glitter!

I will post your giveaway on my side bar tomorrow. IT WILL BE ON THERE PROMISE!

This is such an amazing giveaway. I really wanna try the Shrek collection out! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT<3

Blogged about your giveaway here:

xXMonsterManiacXx said...

Hi! I'm a follower and i'd love to enter your giveaway <3
My favorite nail decor has got to be rhinestones or 3d acrylic nail designs... or konad nail art =D !

LadyDanger said...

Wow, amazing prizes hun! Enter me please :)
I'd say my favourite type of nail décor would definitely have to be holographic glitter, I love anything that sparkles ;)

myolie said...

i also prefer simple shades (my fave are light pink,beige and lilac for summer) but if i really need to choose then rhinestones ^ ^

my e-mail add chismaks(at)gmail(dot)com

CucumPear said...

I'm all a-bounce due to the awesomeness of this giveaway. I prefer to freehand some swoopy lines or dots on my nails, but stamping is great, too.
I'm a follower, email:
And I also added this to my giveaway-roundup:

bluwnini said...

hi I'm bluwnini
and my email is
My favorite nail decor is glitter and konad

curious_girl/ Maria said...

i usually stick to matte nail polish, my favorite colors right now are forest green, yellow, and gray.. ^ ^,


Abso said...

Hi :=)

I'm follower via google my pseudo is Abso .
My email is
My favorite nail décor is Konad and the nails polish glitters :)
Thanks for the giveaway

Katrina said...

awesome giveaway! =)

im following.
favorite nail deco..just anything! i love freehanding any & everything.. =P

and i blogged it on the right hand side of my blog:

juliaar said...

HI :D greaaaat giveaway!

I'm a follower

In general I'm not a big fan of nail decor on myself, I prefer just simple creme colors but I do like leopard spots!

wund3rkind said...

Amazing giveaway =)

I'm a follower and my email is wund3rkind [at] gmail [dot] com.

My favorite nail decor would be a plain one color nail, or an all over nail konad with complimentary colors.


peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 google follower
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
i have not tried nail decoration yet but i am most impressed by layered konads i have seen on blogs
i can't believe the group of goodies you have put together I have been wanting Damone Roberts 1968 since I first started looking at blogs and making a wish list of greens I wanted and I have been wanting SRO since I saw Scandalously Polished post a mani with SRO as a top coat over Barry M Mint (sooooo pretty)
enter me please and thank you

rhaindropz said...

i usually love dark colors, gray, plum and black, i would like to decor my nails with sparkly gems =)

my email add:

keep on posting
hugs and kisses,

Twister said...

My favorite nail decor is hand painted designs using polish or paint. I love trying new designs I see. :~)

jbrobeck said...

awesome giveaway!

i am a follower, my favorite np color is blue!

my follower name is jbrobeck
my email is

and i tweeted about your giveaway here:

Enamel Girl said...

oooo weeee, this is an awesome giveaway!

i've always loved pink nails but i'm starting to get into blue.

anyways, i'm a follower and my email is

i also blogged about your giveaway, you can check it out here

Trina said...

Awesome giveaway!! I'd like to joing please. :D

-My favorite nail deco is my Ellena black nail polish which cracks while it dries and small flowers with gems from elianto. :D

My email is

With Love, Elle said...

fav nail decor are those cute stickers that i stick them on me nails! can do this everyday!

xoxo elle
wifluvelle at gmail dot com

Evil Angel said...

I follow via GFC

camiller714 at yahoo dot com

My favorite nail decor, oh that's hard. I guess it would be a toss up between konad/fauxnad and flakies

Sarah said...

I follow via GFC, and I added your giveaway to my blog at My favorite nail decor would have to be glitter - holo glitter if I can get it! ☺

Rhea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhea said...

seriously, where do you live?! You get your hands on the most awesome polishes!!!

SRO*drooooooool* HT,
Shrek miniiiiiis!
*wipes drool off keyboard*

I am a follower(ya know that).
My favourite nail decor, hmm, a funky french! yup!
I tweeted:

I also added your giveaway to this post:


The Green Fairy said...

Hi! I'm a follower!

My fave nail decor? I would say konad is prob the easiest. I'm trying out little bling bling but they don't last very long! :(

Lovin' Linda said...

my fave. nail decor has to be black. or french


post about giveaway:

Kanwalful said...

I'm a follower with the ID - kanwalful. My email address is

I have tweeted about the giveaway here:

pfefi said...

My address is and my favorite nail decor is unique-shaped glitters - hearts, stars, squares, hexagons, string glitter... and flakies! I've been all over town looking for Hidden Treasure (unsuccessfully) so I'm excited for this giveaway! n_n

Tammy said...

Ooh what a hot giveaway, I'm definitely entering this one! I will also post about this giveaway on my sidebar too :D

tammy (at) tummycake (dot) com

shoutingwind said...

I'm a follower via GFC : shoutingwind

email: shoutingwind at gmail dot com

Blogged about your contest here:

I'm not really into nail decors... not yet... but I do use Konad. I'll be more adventurous with my nails soon!

lavenderlove23 said...

I'm a follower =)

My favorite nail decor is when I use two colors and intertwine them. This is hard to explain, but I'll try, anyway, what I do is that I apply the darker shade on the left in a wavy line with a curve poting right and the lighter shade on the right with a wavy line with a curve pointing in the opposite direction. They overlap in the middle and must be done lighty to create a different color.
It's kinda hard to explain, but I got the idea when I was testing the colors on my thumbnail at the store. =)

Tweeted about the giveaway here -

Lavenderlove23 [at] gmail [dot] com

grace said...

this is an amazing giveaway!!

i'm a follower through google

my favorite nail decor, besides awesomely glowy nail polish, is glitter. hex glitter, square glitter, holo glitter, colored glitter, even string glitter! it makes a mani so fun so fast!!

my email is

thanks for doing this! you're great :)

Kessa Thea said...

As always, my favorite nail decor is a watermelon or ladybug art. I just love it. It's too sassy and cute.

My email address is

Carmencj.88 said...

Enter me please!!
I don't usually decor my nails too much, just a bit of paint and that's it.

I tweeted your giveaway here:

Vanessa&Denise said...

enter me:)

i posted your contest on my blog!

Nix said...

enter me please :)

when it comes to my nails, i don't wear too much decor. what im loving now are simple nail stickers and dark nail polishes!

here's the link to my blog:

Stefanie said...

Enter me :D
My favorite nail art is definitely stamping. I love what some people can do with their nails but for me stamping is the best

Musicalhouses said...

I'm a follower on Google Friend connect!

My favourite nail polish colour is anything holographic, or anything with glitter, or bling! Oh wait, glitterand bling aren't colours, LOL. I really like those taupey colours that are popular right now :)

musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

Stefanie said...

btw my email is lostemilie (at)

NatalieCe said...

Hey :)
I'm a follower :)

My favorite way of decorating is using Konad :)

my e-mail is

I tweeted :)

Saori said...

Hi, thanks for this another giveaway :)
I love your design little fauxnad flower in february but you last mani is great too ^^^
I am a follower via google : Saori
I blogged about your giveaway here :
My e-mail :
kiss from France

Redz2486 said...

I follow through google connect.

redz2486 (at)

My favourite nail decor is knoad and my striper polishes. Always add a little colour to my konad designs. =)

suzie said...

Enter me please!

I have gel nails and my fav decor is the classic french manicure with a lot of rhinestones :)

zsuzsmuzs (at)

Chantal said...

Thanks for this giveaway! I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect and my email is glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com.

My fave nail decor is definitely Konad/Fauxnad!

Christina said...

christinarhaugen at!!

My favorite decor is well, everything, but I like bows a lot. Especially 3D bows

Tameriska said...

Hi, I follow through Google Friend connect as Tameriska, tameriska at gmail dot com.

I need to put up my hand as a Konad addict too :)

paintedbluestars said...

I follow you through google:)
email is:

my favorite nail right now is the french i did about 4 manis ago...french tip with a opalescent glitter over top and then white opalescent stars just on the nail nail...super cute and got so many comments and people asking where i got my nails done!
But i pretty much like anything a lil flashy right now:)

x3dESiREE said...

I follow through Google friend.

lately i've been taking to using acrylic powder to make 3D objects and i love leapord prints. not so much konad though cause i don't have access to them. they seem wonderful though :)

-Diana- said...

I follow with Google Friend.
diana_v_nisselroy at hotmail dot com

I love Konad but also in combination with rhinestones glitter and self made waterslide decals.

Nice giveaway :)

Venice2810 said...

Right now I'm into french nails that I "dress up" sometimes with nail stickers.

Following this blog under venice2810

Jasmine said...

Enter me please!

Such a nice giveaway :)

I put this giveaway on my blog in the sidebar :)

My favourite nailart is not just one thing. I love using different colours to draw something, use marblenail art, or just nailstickers. I just ordered my first Konad, so that might become my fav :)

Red said...

Oh, count me in for this one! I'm a follower (same name) and you can email me at thenailpolishaddict(at)gmail(dot)com

My favorite nail decor is either rhinestones or sprinkles, I can't pick between the two. I love the rhinestones because you can use more for something more dramatic or even just adding one to a design can really pull it together or add a nice touch to it to finish it off. And the sprinkles... well, how can you resist being able to put all sorts of cute little shapes in all kinds of colors on your nails without fussing with art polishes or anything? My favorite for the moment are some red hearts I picked up at Sally's earlier in the year, though I also have some pretty silver holo stars I'm very fond of too!

Blogged about your giveaway here:

ginnn7 said...

I follow ginnn7

my favorite is glitter the more the better.

Thanks for the great giveaway.


Danica said...

I follow you as dancha1210 and my email is

My favorite nail decor is fruit hihi..

Enter me!

Darka said...


I'm a follower, by name darkerica95
Email: darkerica95

My favorite nail decor is nail polish from O.P.I

Kiara said...


I'm a follower!
Follower name: KiaraMagicEye

Great giveaway really!

Kiara said...


I forgot to specify a favorite decoration for your nails: All China Glaze nail polish, simply adore them!

I'm a follower!
Follower name: KiaraMagicEye

Great giveaway really!

Eminna said...


I follow you as Emina95 and email is

My favorite nail decor is Maybelline nail polish!

Chuchy said...


I love your blog and this great giveaway!

My email is and my follower name is the.chuchy


Danielle said...

Hi! thanks for the huge giveaway!

my email is, and i follow you through google (same email). I am currently uploading your contest to my blog as well (

thanks again,


nail newby said...

This is an awesome giveaway!!
I follow you as nailnewby
My email address is
I also posted about this giveaway on my blog:

And I am new into nails and such so I havn't really branched out into too much nail decor, but would love to get some products to do so.

Jen said...

My email address is

My favorite nail decor is, of course, konad. Specifically the m57 plate, the fishnet one :)

Great giveaway!

o mesmo de sempre said...


I'm a follower and my e-mail is:

Kisses *

Michaela said...

Hi! I am a follower (michaela)

my favorite nail decor would have to be glitter for sure, and flakies... anything that makes my nails stand out!

email: mls11487 at gmail dot com

have a great day!

SalvagedExpression said...

I'm a follower (Salvaged Expression on google) ladyothelake41athotmaildotcom. I have seen some great matte french tips on jelly polishes that I desperately need to try.
Thank you so much for this awesometacular giveaway!

Stopdidine said...

I follow stopdidine
My mail :
My favorite nails is konad

Jackie S. said...

I am a follower via google, Jackie S.
I added your giveaway to my blog side bar

My favorite nail decor is flakies!

alesia60614 at yahoo dot com

Ashley said...

my favorite nail decor will always be leopard print nails. no matter what color combonation, i always love them.

i follow this blog! :o)

lovelyviolet5 said...

Lovely giveway!!I'm a follower via google So enter me!!!
My favorite nail decor definately glitter and flowers!!!

shruti said...

hey Laura! :)

my email is: sk8ergurl(dot)s92(at)gmail(dot)com

i usually just stick to normal nailpaint, since i have brittle nails and the polish comes off easily since im not the most careful person when it comes to my hands :|
however, i love gliiter, and stick ons.

thanks for the chance! :)

Katjuska said...

Hi! I am your follower.
I like interesting French manicures.
My email: katjuska4 [at]

Providencebr said...

Hi!! I am your follower.

My favourite nail decor is plain simple konad and french manicures.

My mail:

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!!

noortje said...

Hi! I'm a follower by google friend connect by the name of noor.vandijk.
my e-mail is noor.vandijk(at)

my favourite nail decor is also konad, I especially LOVE the full nail designs. and always with rhinestone, to add that little extra sparkle to it!

Chelsea said...

My favorite decor is definitely glitter... all colors, shapes, sizes, layered, alone, striped, dotted. I can't use it enough!

I'm a google follower: cbosterby @gmail. com

Kiki Xiong said...


kikixi0ng (at) hotmail (dot) com

My fave nail decor are the 3d pop up Hello Kitties !!!

Kiki Xiong said...

I tweeted:

Blanche said...

please enter me :-)

I like simple one colour nails, but it should be very colourful.

Rianne said...

Hello, what a great give-away =) my favourite nail decor is Konad ! my email is : rianne_turbo_xx (at) hotmail (dot) com

mi... said...

enter me please :D
miriam esteves
follower: mi...
favorite nail décor: I love diferent colours but for ALL occasion the french nail is the one that suits better :)

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I'm already a follower via google ;)

Ana Belén R.M

amanda said...

What a fun giveaway!
My favorite nail hard to choose...would have to be anything bright and glittery at the moment!
irrrhtw @ yahoo . com

Jan said...

whatta giveaway :)

i am a follower via GFC (Jan)
my email is hueandme.jan @

my fave is glitters. i love glittery things.. the bling, and all that shine :) i usually paint something on my nails and top it off with glitters :)

Chao said...


I wasn't tooo much into doing nails, but I'm getting used to wanting to do mines now! :D I usually just like simple konad or french manicures. :D

Btw, I post your giveaway on my sidebar here:

THE QUEEN said...

fantabulous giveaway! would definitely want to enter. :D

my fav nail decor is putting on rhinestones. just blings up the whole nail and makes it pretty.

my email:

I've tweeted about your giveaway as well.

Laura said...

I'm a follower :) Enter me please!

My favorite nail decor would have to be konad. It's just so easy and cute.


Hini said...

Hi I'm a follower, my name is Hini, and my address is daffylosophy [at] gmail [dot] com
My favourite nail decor is little cherries drawn with nail art polish. Considering it's spring right now, I am currently wearing a little cherry on each nail :D

cchaoticc said...

I'm a follower via google.. cchaoticc

my email is

my favourite nail decor is probably chita print :)

hellotini said...

I'm a follower via GC.

Most of the top my polish is plain ): boo. I have some konad stuff but I don't have stealth, ninja-like speed at stamping. I usually just layer if i want something special.

choco.muffin said...

Hi! I'm a follower via Google: choco.muffin [at] live [dot] com

My favourite nail decor would be rhinestones or fimo fruit canes! They're so much fun to play with! :3

Ria said...

I am a follower via gfc
My favorite is anything that sparkles...from little diamonds, to stickers, to glitter dust to anything! I love sparkley things!

PhreakPhantasia said...

I'm a follower via GFC under the na PhreakPhantasia, my email is phreakphantasia (at)

My favorite nail decor is glitter!

Julia said...

juliamss at gmail dot com

My favorite nail decor is glitter I guess. I don't use nail decor that much, I usually prefer plain color.

willywonkawillwin said...

Awesome give-away, I'd love to enter! I'm a follower, my email is mardegmob at gmail dot com.

My favorite nail decor is konad, the prints that cover up your whole nail, finished with a matte topcoat.

Sarbeauty said...

Hi enter me please :)

Im not into nail decors that much 2bh, i sometimes use stamp plate things but perfer to keep it simple :)

Jooy said...

Hello :) My email address is My favorite nail decor is doing a gradient look with the sponging technique.

Thanks for this giveaway!

Freya said...


Your give-away is awesome (as usual).
I've been looking everywhere for Mad As A Hatter and it's really hard to come by in the Netherlands, so I would love to win!

I'm a follower (through google friend connect I think) and my email is

I usually have one colour on my nails, sometimes with a top coat with glitter or another effect.
I'm not very much into cream nail polishes (unless I really love the colour).
I'm very into shimmer, and effects as pearl, holographic, glitter, duochrome, etc.
I like almost any colour, but I don't like nudes on me.
I really love Konad, but I haven't tried it myself.
I'm a fairly new nai polish addict (only a few weeks) so I'm still trying to find out what I like and what I can actually do.



throuthehaze said...

I am a follower.
My fave nail decor is Konad plates
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Lucy said...

Please include me in the giveaway. I love nail art but the only thing I do is use glitter. I admire others beautiful work. When my nails get longer I use the glitter to do a French manicure. I love glitter nail polish. Thank you.

stampingnails said...


I'm a google friend follower. Name used is StampingNails.

My email address:

I posted your giveaway on my website:

Please pick me and thanks again for posting this giveaway!

Angela said...

Hi, I don't often embellish my nails with anything beyond several coats of polish, but I do like polka dots and rhinestones.

Konadobsession! said...

Awesome giveaway! I am a follower with Google, Carli,
My favoutite decor are flakies and glitter!


auroragyps said...

Wow, great giveaway. Thanks for being so generous.

I'm a big fan of space and tiny glitter polishes topping over a polish color. My first favorite one is the old Wet'n'Wild multi glitter and I still have a bottle of it

nihrida said...

I'm a follower. =) My favorite nail decor is Konad. Plain and simple.

Thanks for the opportunity!

amerseksasa at hotmail dot com

nuraarin-life said...

I am a follower through google friend follower.

My favourite nail decor will be glitter

My email address:

I posted your giveaway on my website:

Lucile said...

Great giveway!
My favorite nail decor is Konad <3. So cute and perfect!

My email:

Thank you!

Blu11 said...

Please enter me :)
My favourite nail decor is glitter.
I follow via Google. Your giveaway is in my sidebar.

cindy said...

Please enter me :)
My favourite nail decot is glitter !!!

Morgan said...

My favourite nail décor is anything sparkly- I love how it distracts me when I am typing!!

morganclare (at)

missreneer said...

My favorite nail decor are rhinestones. They really add a feminine touch. I also really want to try Konad. Thanks for the great contest. I am a follower already :)

Huguette E. said...

I'm a follower (Huguette E.)

I don't have a favorite, I've never tried any but would love to.


Anonymous said...

yah!! please enter me into your giveaway!i am a follower -charlieflii
i have to say glitter!! i love glittery nails! they totally add life to a regular nail polish color!


Sara said...

Hey doll! I am a happy follower of yours :] Please enter me! Thanks for the fab. opportunity to win all of these! My fav. nail decor is just the spray designs they do at the salons, only because I have NEVER tried anything else :[ I've badly been wanting to try Konad and others though! Good luck to everyone and best wishes!* ♥

Tiana said...


I'd like to enter your giveaway!

1) Am a follower, my e-mail: My fav nail decor is Konad's leopard print! Sexy! :)

2) your giveaway is in my giveaway section in my sidebar. go check it out ere:

Fingers crossed! <3<3<3

you nailed it! said...

I really like something with konad or a lot of glitters
I have a give away on my blog too!
would you like to enter? =D


Hozuli said...

I follow!

My email is hozuli(a)

My favorites are nail-art polishes. The possibilities are endless!

MissT said...

I'm a follower :)


I'll jump in and agree with the Konad. I also like airbrush designs too with stones.


Rubinha said...

Hiya! I'm a follower via google friend connect :D

my favourite nail decor is plain color with rhine stones on the center of some daisies :D

your giveaway is in the sidebar of my blog ^^

Jen said...

my favorite nail decor is glitter and rhinestones. Something sparkly is always fun!

anna said...

my favorite nail decor is probably bows. I love ribbons and bows. I am kind of in love with japanese nail art. Its so over the top but i secretly love want to wear it.
my email is pandagrrl101@ yahoo . com

Tanya said...

hi, thanks for the awesome giveaway! my email is

my favorite nail decor is definitely glitters and flakes!

Emma said...

my email is dance_addict93@hotmail (dot) com, and i personally prefer konad or simple nail art done with stripers

i blogged here:

Tam said...

Hi! :) My email is and since I'm a relative nail newbie, my favourite nail decor is a simple konad.

Patricia said...

My favourite is glitter polish... I don´t have the time or patience to do anything more complicated than that!LOL!!!

Lissi said...

Hey! I'm a happy follower! My name is Lissi and my email is Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com.

I also blogged about this on my sidebar.

Product Junkie said...

I love using different shaped gems and funky colours.

R. said...

I love simple nail polish, just bright or dramatic colors, or a french tip.

I also posted this in my blog.

jc said...

This giveaway is awesome, thank you! I love glitter, brightens up your day each time!

Charlene said...

my favourite nail decor is glitter!

thanks for the giveaway ^^

chocaddict said...
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Thifa said...


I love stamping my nails but glitter are also very welcome!

I'm a follower and my email is thi fane ((at)) g mail ((dot)) com

Thanks for the giveaway :)

chocaddict said...

another great giveaway, you really are spoiling us!
my email adress is:
moncoinamoua (at) hotmail (dot) com
I'm a follower, my favorite nail decor would be Konad: it's quick and easy
I blogged about your giveaway (left sidebar) on my blog here:

thanks :D

Sharon said...

Hi, thanks for this generous giveaway!

I'd have to say that my current obsession is water marbling ^^. Can't seem to stop drooling over the many designs I come across on the nail blogosphere.

My email address is sweetdreamyisland(at)hotmail(dot)com. I'm following you through gfc, name is Sharon.

I've blogged about this here:

Natalia said...

Great give-away, thanks!
I'm not very good at it, but I love konad and the infinite possibilities it gives.
My e mail is natialmada(at)yahoo(dot)it

cupcakequeen22 said...

I'm a follower via gfc.

My email is: dchen [at]

My favorite nail decor is a simple Konad design (really into butterflies right now).

I tweeted at:

Trina said...

I tweeted it!

you nailed it! said...

hey, thank you for this give away!
my email: reneequekel(at)
i totally love marble or glitter things
i tweeded:

you nailed it! said...

excuse me, i forgot to say that i follow through google friend connect and my name is you nailed it!

fingers crossed!

SailorWifey said...

Hey girl!

My favorite nail art is honestly freehand...although it can be time consuming and doesn't always come out that great I have a lot of fun attempting to make cool designs.

ms.bree.bree at gmail dot com

♥ SailorWifey

ingegerd said...

hi i just found your blog and i love nails,my favorite is konad.
and my email is,

this is my foodblog but i have a beutyblog also,an the name of that blog is

darlingfemme said...

I'm a follower! :)
I love rhinestones and polka dots.

Arrianne said...

What a sweet giveaway Laura!
I love konad, though I don't have any currently.

Ely said...

Wow! Your giveaway is awesome!!!

I'm a follower :

I've never tried nail decor but I would love to! :)

Jenny said...

enter me please! my favourite nail decor is holographic glitters! i could stare at them all day :P lol

i'm a follower via GFC!


thanks <3!

marti said...

Great giveaway!!

I posted a link on my blog:

My favorite nail look is just plain old painted nails. I would love to try konad but I would probably be terrible at it!

Cynthia said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway!

I think my favorite nail decor is probably just glitter!


bella♥ said...

great giveaway!!
fav. nail look; I love bright/pastel/glittery colors..though I'd love to try doing designs on my nails.


I also put your giveaway on my sidebar

shasha said...

enter me please..^^
already a follower..
my fave nail decor is glitter..
Tweeted about this giveaway

thank you..^^

Laura said...

I would like to enter as well :)
Just discovered your site and a flollower allready through Google reader.

My fav nail decor is glitter in all sizes and shapes, they're so easy to use and look great in a milion designs!


N. said...

I want to enter if it's international :)

My fav nail decor is glitter in aaaall possible colours and sizes.

My e-mail:

And I post your giveaway with the pic and a direct link to this entry on the left sidebar of my blog.

Thank u!

Marianne said...

I am a follower:-) Great giveaway.

My mail: marianne(at)

My favorite nail decor is probably nail art polish where I can draw patterns on myself.

Love your blog:)

cindy said...

wow . love all nails stuff
my fave nail decor is glitter..

Renay Shanel said...

Thank you for the opportunity !!
Im having a giveaway as well :]

Enter Me Please, ive linked the giveaway in my sidebar :]
thanks :] good day to you !!

Renay Shanel said...

p.s opps !! Ive never used a nail wheel but if I had to pick it would be something like the beach theme hawaii one above !! Perfect for summer !!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I follow you!

My favorite nail decor is rhinestones. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Joana Machado said...

Enter me!
my fave nail decor is just glitter..

Rei said...

Heyyy! THanks for the giveaway =D

I'm a follower via GFC and my email is

My favourite nail decor is stickers and konads--I think anyone can pull them off like a pro XD

I posted this giveaway on my blog:

silvia said...

Hi Laura!
I would love to participate,
I linked you on the sidebar of my blog:

I don't have a favourite nail decor, I just like them plain simple.

silvialima (at)

toodamnclassy said...




karamino said...

I'm a follower via GFC, my email is ninusikbel at hotmail dot com
My favorite nail decor is glitter

tiefazatie said...

hye laura!
awesome giveaway!
can i join it??
im ifa from malaysia..

my favourite nail decor is glitter!

tiefazatie said...

n also odi follow u dear..
n will put da bnner at da sidebar of my blog..=)

Naomi said...

I am a follower, please enter me!

I don't use nail dcorations, but it would be a great present for my sister!



♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

this is not just a quick giveaway!
it's an awesome giveaway :)

I am a follower through gfc!

I've blogged about this:

my favorite nail decor are crystals nd a lil of glitters :)


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