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Hello everyone!

This is my first official review for a company I am sure everyone and their mother has heard

The concept of the company is to allow users to upload coupon codes for many different company sites.  I know I've googled "Coupon Codes" for many companies trying to find the best coupon available, and many times I would get a dud.  Well Coupon Chief depends on us, the users, to review and let others know what coupons will work for you.

Upon arriving to the Coupon Chief website, I am already drawn in by the cleanliness of the site, not to mention the first thing I see is a nice large box that says, "Search for a Coupon Now".  Type in the store you are looking for and you can see the different coupons that are available.  You can browse by popular tags.

The best thing is, it doesn't cost you anything to be a member.  If you have a store you can add its information to their database.

With the Havana Nights Collection at Sephora, you can be sure to get something really nice out of it by checking out the many Sephora Coupons users like you and me have added in.
You can also find coupons for e.l.f. Cosmetics, Avon and one of my top favorites...Bath & Body Works.

I have not tried out the Coupons-4-Causes, but you can search for the cause of your choice and when you use your coupon, Coupon Chief will donate up to 20% to that cause.

The thing that interested me the most about Coupon Chief is the Pays-2-Share Program.  This is the Program:
What I didn't find out until I looked at the FAQs regarding this program is you have to upload a coupon that is with a Participating Company.  I could not find a list of companies who are participants, but when you go to upload a coupon it will let you know if the company is a participant.

My beef was trying to upload a coupon to some of these participating companies.  You have to upload the coupon right when you get it or someone else will have beat you to it, and your entry will not go through.  This really stinks for me as I don't always get my emails that quickly, but if you do then go for it!  Make some money.

Overall this is a great website.  Very clean, visually pleasing and easy to use.
Get your coupon codes and save on shipping, save money or get free gifts with your purchase.

You can Sign Up or Browse for Coupons here:
Coupon Chief

*~*~Disclaimer: compensated me for the use of my time in order to write an honest review of their site.  All opinions are my own.

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