Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*~*~PHOTO HEAVY~*~* Chanel's Illusion D'or & OPI's SRO (Standing Room Only) | Future Giveaway ;o)

Hello beauties!

Today I present to you Chanel's Illusion D'or:

I purchased an additional Illusion D'or to giveaway with this beauty
OPI's SRO (Standing Room Only)

Here is Ogre-The-Top Blue:

With a single coat of SRO we get this:
And because I only have time to photograph in the evenings, I took a whole bunch, but nothing compares to what this gorgeous polish looks like in the sunlight.

Here are some polishes shown what they look like alone, with 1 coat of SRO and with 1 coat Illusion D'or:

Left: Color Self  |  Center: Color with SRO  |  Right: Color with Illusion D'or

Left: Color with Illusion D'or  |  Center: Color with SRO  |  Right: Color Self

Some straight on shots:
The top row in each photo is the color by itself.
The 2nd row in each photo is with 1 coat of SRO
The 3rd row in each photo is with 1 coat of Illusion D'or

I will soon post my next giveaway which will include a bottle of Chanel Illusion D'or and a bottle of OPI SRO (Standing Room Only).

I want to let everyone know that SRO is a Black Label Bottle.

Until Next Time.



Jamie K. said...

wow absolutely stunning :) cant wait for your giveaway!!
have an aawesome day :)

ipehishere said...

i love ur nails idea :D
omg cute chanel !! ^^

shruti said...

first of all, you have one heck of a nail paint collection! so jealous!

and the SRO looks so cool! can't wait for the giveaway! :)

Patricia said...

You have your very own private rainbow there!!! Thanks for sharing that!
Can´t wait for your giveaway thanks!!

amusedPolish said...

i love,love SRO- even though i haven't used it yet i love it (and secretivly droll ove rhte bottle when the sun comes out ^^)

Cheryl Clarke said...

oh i like that. it looks really great on you!

Enamel Girl said...

luving it. it looks great over OPI!!!

Audrey said...

Awesome!! SRO is much cheaper too! Love the holo polishes!!

Twister said...

orgeous. I must have SRO :D

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I didn't know about SRO until today. Thanks for showing it. WOW!
And you're giving one away with Chanel? You are amazingly generous. <3

Trina said...

Nice Nice! :D

I would love to have an SRO. I wish I could get one soon too! :)

Laura said...

Thanks everyone! I can't wait to get everything photographed together for the giveaway. :o)

I didn't realize how much this did look like a rainbow! Those just happened to be the polishes in my train case. I love storing a few in there so I can easily grab it and go.
I am always rotating between it and my storage towers.

@ amusedPolish, I can't believe you haven't used this beauty yet.
I had one sad little bottle that had been thinned out sooooo many times. After looking at other bloggers' posts I didn't realize it became hard to find (Or expensive). I totally stocked up.

If anyone wants a bottle now, this is who I stocked up from:

I purchased three the other day, and purchased an additional two today. I don't think I will ever run out now. Well, I truly hope I don't.

Arrianne said...

Wow, you must've used up a lot of SRO and Chanel. Where did you find SRO?

Annie said...

SRO looks so cool, wish I had it..

Beauty Addict said...

both looks amazing!

What does it mean by being a black bottle?

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Black labels are older formulas, and are known to NOT be big 3 free.

It is still one of my faves! XD