Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend!

I know Valentine's weekend was a week ago, but these past two weeks have been kicking my behind.
We had an installation for a "Showrise" which The Commerce Towers in Houston let ASID use 6 vacant units. Each unit had a number of designers working on different rooms. We did a Living and Dining area, and the tours ran last weekend and this weekend. We are going to uninstall starting tomorrow.
So there was my excuse. :P I never had a chance to photograph my Valentine's Manicure, but it matched my Blue sequinned shoes. :o)
Here are our newly engaged friends! He proposed the February 12, and all of these photos are from the following night.

Here is my husband, Eric and his newly engaged friend. We ate at Myron's Steakhouse in New Braunfels. Dinner was soo delicious.  I definitely recommend the stuffed shrimp, and their jalapeño Mac and Cheese.  Okay, my mouth is watering.

Eric and Me. You can't see my nails, but I wore Absolutely Alice with a Konad design from one of the new plates. I will have to recreate it. It wasn't super special, but it really played off of my shoes and my coat. Oh yeah and the coat? $50 at one of the Sue Wong HauteLook sales!!!! Unbelievable! The detail on it is amazing. I've had so many compliments with this coat, and my dress which I don't have any good photos of it, is from A|X. I preordered the dress from their website a while back and picked it up at my local Armani Exchange. That is a great feature. It is the Strappy Banded Dress and I also wanted to get it in pink, but it is already gone! The bandage material is just like the Hervé Lerger which I love, and was only $120. I've also tried the bandage dresses from Victoria's secret and I just did not like the sweater material. Express has hopped on the bandage dress wagon, and I like their dresses.
But this one is magnificent. Next time I wear the dress I'll post photos. Oh, and yes he is grabbing my booty (His hand was turning white) I was completely unaware of it until I saw this photo, which happens to be the only one we took outside of Myron's Steakhouse.

 Eric's parents bought me these shoes for Christmas.  They are RSVP Primrose, and you can find them on for around $70.  These are showstoppers.

This was before dinner at his parent's cabin. Ahh...the hillcountry. I love it up there.

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I know I've said this before, but
You are so pretty, so freaking pretty! Like you've popped out of a fairytale!!!! =))))))

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Thanks! You are too sweet!

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