Friday, February 26, 2010

Claire's | Mood Nail Polish

Hi everyone!
I saw Nihrida's Post about the Mood Polishes, and I ran over to the Claire's around the corner from my office during lunch yesterday and picked up Daring/Innocent (Grey to Yellowy Peach) & Calm/Wild (Shimmery Purple to Shimmery Pink).
I put a little bit on my pinkies since I did not have time to remove my current manicure to paint any swatches.
After being impressed, I went back today after work and picked up the other colors, and a second set for my upcoming giveaway.
I hope you enjoy!







My favorite of the bunch.  Why you may ask?  Shimmery, purple, pink, just look at it and be mesmerized.  :D

Till next time!  :o)

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yardsticks 4 lunatics said...



SeeingSunshine said...

I really like Calm/wild, such a pretty combination.

Laura said...

Thank you for your comments. I will send you two any of these polishes you would like.

*Tiffany | Thanks for commenting! If you would like to try these out let me know and I'll send you them to try out. :o)

*SeeingSunshine | That is my favorite as well! I'll send you one.

Lisa Kate said...

These are SOOO cute! I might have to take a trip to the mall this weekend XD I'm a little obsessed with the green one, it's like a shiny apple!

PS LOVE your crab konad!

Laura said...

*Lisa Kate | I love that little crab too! :o)
He is from one of the plates my husband got me for Valentine's Day. I still need to post that haul.

Nicole said...

Oh these are so cute! I'm with Lisa Kate, I am going to need that green one. I haven't been to Claire's in a while, looks like I'm overdue!

Laura said...

The green and pink get so bright when they warm up. The photo does not do them justice.

chocaddict said...

calm/wild looks awesome :D
I hate Claire's for not selling the same stuff in the US and in Europe >.< Anyway, that's a great haul, can't wait to see more swatches :)

Laura said...

I can't believe they don't sell it there! I'll have a set of these in my giveaway. Which will probably be a while from now, but I think it will be worth it. There are so many awesome giveaways right now.

ada90 said...

Love it!I like Calm/Wild:)

nihrida said...

OMG, they look amazing! You took some great photos, good idea! =)

Skulda said...

OMGS those are all so amazing!!!!!

Laura said...

These really are so much fun! I will slowly try them all out, but my only problem is having to remove the polishes so soon. I am the worst for swatching. :P

Ria said...

You are so so so lucky!these remind me of my fav piece of jewellery I had as a kid *the magic mood ring*!!!
Do you know if they sell them worldwide or where I can find the calm/wild or the daring/innocent ones?
Have a sparkly day!!!

p.s.I still don't know how the color changes,so they are officially *magic mood polishes* for me :)

holdengirl83 said...

hi i live in aus and was wondering where i can buy these online i love them thanks

Felicia said...

Hi. I'm from singapore and I'm really loving the calm/wild polish. I want to get it but apparently there isn't anyone/anywhere selling it in singapore. Can anyone advice me on how to get it? I don't have friends in the US currently either.

Chelsea White said...

Hi there,
I have all the colors except calm/wild, the one i want the most!!
you wouldn't happen to have an extra would you?

lots of love


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Hey ladies! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

I know a lot of U.S. blogging gals have been able to find these at their local Claire's.

I've been back to my local Claire's a few times with no luck, but I can try again to see what they may have.

I'll keep you all posted.