Friday, May 6, 2011

**GIVEAWAY CLOSED - THANKS EVERYONE!!** Giveaway!! | Giftcard!!

Hello everyone!!

I'm back from my vacation and wanted to let you know a couple of things.  I spent a few hours on Apothica's website shopping through many different brands of cosmetics.  I just had to try out Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

Having asian skin prone to dark spots and suffering from post-acne marks, this product really appealed to me.  I've tried many other products with moderate results, but I love Clinique's products and am very excited to test this dark spot corrector.

I ordered my Clinique product from  They sell so many of my favorite brands from Bare Minerals all the way to Paul & Joe.

As luck would have it, I have been given the opportunity to host a giveaway!  One of you lovely readers can have the chance to win a $25 gift certificate courtesy of
You can try out the many different brands they carry, and trust me, you could spend hours looking at everything they have.  They literally have hundreds of different brands available!

To have a chance at winning please do at least one of the following:

Option 1: Facebook
1.     Visit
2.     Write on Apothica’s Facebook wall about what you think of Apothica
Bonus Entry: Opt in to Apothica’s Newsletter
Option 2: Twitter
1.     Visit
2.     Tweet about Apothica on your own Twitter Account
Bonus Entry: Retweet Apothica’s tweet about this giveaway
Option 3: Blog
1.     Visit
2.     Write something on your blog about what you think of Apothica
Bonus Entry: Write about a Clinique product and link it to 


Once you have completed at least one of these entry options, please leave a comment on this post to inform me of which option you chose, your name on either Facebook or Twitter or your blog's name. This giveaway is open to everyone, but does not ship to every country so please confirm whether or not you would be able to receive products from them.  The winner may use their $25 gift card at,, and even

This Giveaway ends June 1, 2011


Saimese said...

I chose option 2. My Twitter name is Saimese & here's the link to my tweet:!/Saimese/status/66747471572897793
email: miss.saimshaikh(at)gmail(dot)com

miha.ela said...

FB: mihaela pojogu

LacquerObsession said...

Twitter: @L_Obsession


rock-or-not said...

Too bad I don't have any of these accounts )=

peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
i chose #1 facebook option
i like Apothica on facebook as Peripatetic Thirtythree
i left a comment on their wall saying i think it is great how many brands of nail polish they have in one place

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

I tweeted here, and retweeted here, Twitter name: fluffypuppynow
Thanks for adding the OPIs - they're the main reason I'm entering! ♥

Kim D. said...

I chose option 2. Twitter name Mom22girlz
I tweeted!/mom22girlz/status/67824224298995712

Kim D. said...
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Kim D. said...

I retweeted!/mom22girlz/status/67826767385214976

wifluvelle said...!/apothica/status/67618341950468096

xoxo elle

Faith J. said...

I chose the Twitter option!

Here's my Tweet:!/ZombiKitten/status/69929820116631553

-FaithJ aka ZombiKitten
fashionkitten03 (at) hotmail (dot)com

libbeh said...

I chose the FB option.

I've already signed up for their newsletter too (w/ email address below).


Chantal said...

I chose the FB option - my name there is Channy Dee.

I have also signed up to their newsletter with the email glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com

ChaosButterfly said...

I did the name there is Chi-Chi Okpalanma and I signed up for the newsletter with


I posted a comment on facebook (melissa valmonte)

styleezta at gmail dot com

coco_fiere said...

I chose option #2. Twitter: @cocofiere.

Anonymous said...

I wrote on their FB wall:!/kathrinarose/posts/10150188704548063

kathyteo at yahoo . com

Anonymous said...

I am opted in to receive their newsletters.

kathyteo at yahoo . com

♥♥♥ said...
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♥♥♥beauxs mom said...

Option 2: I visited apothica I even signed up for the newsletter.
I tweeted about apothica
I retweeted apothicas tweet about this giveaway.
My twitter name is Marieloya

Kim D. said...

I posted a comment on their FB wall

fennelbat said...

I went with the facebook option (Amber Rosin)

And I am signed up for their newsletter (fennelbat[at]gmail[dot]com)

Anne-Marie T said...

Option 1: Facebook
I Visited and I wrote on their wall

Anne-Marie T said...

Option 1:Bonus: Subscribed to Apothica’s Newsletter using "news(at)telus(dot)net"


Anne-Marie T said...

Option 2: Twitter
Tweeted about them


Anne-Marie T said...

Retweeted Apothica's tweet.


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

My RT:

JENNNY said...

FB option:
commented on wall:

fifty.threee at

Anonymous said...

Hi, I chose option 2. Here's my tweet -!/shala_darkstone/status/74550761803104256

I retweeted the giveaway tweet as well (@shala_darkstone).

maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

Maribel F. said...

Hi! Lovely giveaway! =)
Nick GFC: Maribel F.
I choose option 1
I write on the wall of Apothica
I opt in to Apothica's newsletter.

Thank you! xoxo

Ezzy said...

Lovely giveaway!!

Option 2: Twitter
Tweeted about apothica here:

Bonus Entry
Also retweeted apothica's tweet from my account:


K said...

I did the #1 facebook option
i like Apothica on facebook as Ki Reuter and I left a comment on their wall.
Thanks so much for the chance!
kimberly.reuter at yahoo dot com

K said...

I also signed up for apothica emails at the same email address.
kimberly.reuter at yahoo dot com
Thanks again!

bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

Enter me please ^_^


Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

My twitter name is @bambaki83 (Miriam Rivas) and I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/bambaki83/status/76016591271235584


jbrobeck said...

I did option one and two

I wrote on Apothica's fb wall

I opted into Apothica's newsletter

I retweeted Apothica's tweet

my twitter is @jbrobs and my facebook is polish insomniac