Saturday, November 12, 2011

Won't you take me to...Tinsel Town!

Hiya folks!  I tell you what, it has been way too long.  I haven't painted my nails like I love to in several months.  Exciting things have been going on in my life and my husband has been pushing me to actually get work done in our house.  I'll have a few photos by the end of the coming week of before and afters.

Anyhow.  I finally had the drive to put polish on my nails.  It is either summer or winter here in Houston so I went with a winter-inspired look.

The two colors I used are Chanel Blue Rebel and China Glaze's lovely winter color, Tinsel Town!

One coat of Blue Rebel with one coat of Tinsel Town.
I used snowflakes from Dashica Beauty plate #SdP-A18.  I purchased this a very long time ago and I've noticed her plates are now rectangular.  She has a lot to choose from, and I originally looked into these plates because of the many different Sanrio characters she has.

You can see Blue Rebel coming through on this indoor photograph with flash

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I will be back soon.  Have a beautiful weekend!


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great manicure, i love it :-D

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Lovely :)

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