Saturday, August 20, 2011

*~*~CLOSED~*~* Giveaway!!!! | piCture pOlish

Hello ladies and Gents!

I know it has been a million year since I've last posted.  I've got my exam coming up at the end of next month and there have been so many other things going on in my life.  Once everything is settled, I can bring you all into the loop.  As for now...the lovely ladies at piCture pOlish has offered one of my lovely blog followers, a chance to win 3 of their piCture pOlish brand nail colors.

I definitely recommend Bombshell:

I'll have an actual review on that gorgeous color layered with I Lily Love You in the future.

To win just do the following:

1 | Go to piCture pOlishes online store here:  piCture pOlish
2 | Pick 3 piCture pOlish colors you want.  Courtesy of piCture pOlish
3 | Comment on this post with the 3 piCture pOlish colors you want
5 | Include your email address and tell me which color you are most excited to try out!
6 | If you want extra entries.  Leave a link to where you posted this piCture pOlish giveaway somewhere on your blog, tweeted or even posted on your facebook page.
That's all there is.

You have until October 2nd to get your entries in, and I'll announce the winner that week.
Everyone is welcome to enter.

Good luck!

**Please note that Ozotic Pro Colors are not included**


Laura said...

I would loooove to have piCture pOlish Jade, Denim, and Hot Lips. I would also love to win Ozotic 617 and 528.

My email address is lauram999 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

I am so excited for ALL of them but if I have to pick one, it would be Ozotic 528.

This is an AMAZING giveaway! Thank you so much!

Musicalhouses said...

The 3 Picture POlishes I'd want would be Camo, Malteaser, and Violet Femme. I would love to win Ozotic Pro 502 and 505.

My email is musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

I am definitely most excited to try out ALL of them, but if I really had to choose, it would probably be 505 - the multi chromatic finish is so cool.

Machel said...

Violet Femme

Ozotic 528 & 529

I'm most excited to try Denim! My email is genericness at hotmail dot com.

Patricia Quiroz said...
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Patricia Quiroz said...


love love love your blog btw! (:

3 picture polishes.
1. Tiffany
2. Twinkle
3. Sky


OZOTIC Duo Chromatic

most excited about the pastels :)

email -

BMR said...

Wow, this is an amazing giveaway! Thanks so much for having it. :)

The three Picture Polish shades I'd want are Denim, Opal, Antique.

Two Ozotic are 528 and 529.

I think I'll be most excited to try Denim. I've wanted that one for a while now.

Thanks again! :)

jc said...


Most excited about Nude, goes well with anything and everything!

This giveaway is simply superlicious, thanks for the chance.

MartianDelights said...

So glad I have found a website that sells Ozotic pro, even if not included in the giveaway :) Can see myself shopping there pretty soon !

The colours I'd love to get are opal. razzle dazzle, and metallic mush. I can really imagine myself doing a marbling with opal and metallic mush, but razzle dazzle is the one I am most looking forward to because I am a sucker for glitter !

Thanks for the giveaway
Lorraine x
Martiandelights at

Nail Polish Obsession said...

Amazing giveaway!!

I would like to win Razzle Dazzle, Jade and Camo.






rock-or-not said...

Thank you!!
I'd choose:
I'm most excited about goddess!!
I follow you as rock-or-not
rock-or-not (at) hotmail dot fr
Thank you for this giveaway!

nail crazy said...

i follow you as nail crazy,
email is
i'd choose
camo, bombshell and honey dew...
most excited about honey dew ;-D
twitted here!/nailcrazy69/status/105389124927766528

Daria said...

Whoa. So, I'd LOOVE to win their Violet Femme, Marine and Shamrock :)
Most excited about Violet Femme, damn cause that's brightttt and a violet neon! Great thing!

doublemint at live dot ru
Posted here:

Thank you for the opportunity!

Cherise said...

Awesomeness! :D :D
I'd really love Jealousy, Cowgirl and Coral reef ^^

I've only recently started experimenting with colours outside my "comfort zone" so any of those would be like a new adventure in nail world XP

GFC: starrynight
Email: cherise [dot] abela {at} gmail(dot)com


ritterbraten said...

I simply adore Picture Polish! Both the girls and their products..
I'd love to have: Water Melon, Denim and Sky.


GFC: ritterbraten
E-mail: ritterbraten at googlemail dot com

Amanda said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway :)

My email is

I pick: Denim, Sparkle and Honeydew.

Amanda said...

Oh whoops! And I'm most excited for Denim or really any of their glitters :)

wifluvelle said...

how to choose from so many choices!!!

OZOTIC Elytra 529, OZOTIC Multi Chromatic 504, Metallic Shades goldfinger! super excited to try OZOTIC Multi Chromatic 504!!!

xoxo elle
wifluvelle at gmail dot com

peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 GFC
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
i want Denim, Voodoo and Flamingo
i am most excited about trying out Denim

Cari said...

Ohhh, fabulous fun! Hands down I would choose mud shake, denim and simply silk. Whew -- that was scary easy, shopping without commitment (-; If the Ozotics were included the list would be too large to type, but my top three would be elytra, 505 & 515. Drool drool.
Thanks so much for this!!
carissa dot hensley at gmail dot com

Akuma Kanji said...

I'm your follower Akuma Kanji and my e-mail is akuma[dot]kanji[at]gmail[dot]com.
I love piCture pOlish nail polishes! They have a lot of unique shades! I am most interested in Aphrodisiac, Voodoo and Gold Finger.
I really want to try Voodoo! But I am also very very curious to see how the Gold Finger goes :) Thank you and piCture pOlish for the opportunity! ***
Oh, I keep the giveaway announced on the sidebar of my blog ^__^

MissDoll said...

Hi, I really like the concept behind this company and I'm dying to try some shades, so I choose Mud shake, Heavy metal and my fav. Antique.

I'm following you as MissDoll and my email is:

Thank you for this

Karisan said...

Hello! I'm a new follower of your blog.
I am kari san and I would like to win Electric Blue, Sunset and Fairy Floss. I am very excited to try out Sunset!
My e-mail is and I blogged about your giveaway on my blog sidebar

Thank you **

Irina said...

I have seen a lot of Picture Polish swatches lately and I have been dying to try out some colors!
I would like to try Denim, Mad Magenta and Antique and I am really excited to try them all!
My email address is
I blogged about this giveaway

déjà vu said...

I would like to try: Denim, Jealousy and Heavy MEtal! I'm most excited abou heavy metal.

My e-mail is amrpr2010 at and I posted your giveaway on my blog at


jazzqueen64 said...

GFC jazzqueen64



I'd love to try
Mad Magenta
Water Melon
Honey Dew

Joy said...

I would love to win: simply silk,razzle dazzle, and vegas. thanks!

collifornia said...

- Glitter Ball
- Candy
- Cackle

GFC: collifornia
Email: holliister at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

They have so many great colors but I think I love metallic mush, mint, and twinkle the most! I love purple and I don't have any metallic polishes so I'm especially fond of metallic mush.

email is nerd.chaos at gmail dot com !

idrinknailpolish said...

piCture pOlish colors: Denim, Razzle Dazzle, Jealousy.

My email address is: idrinknailpolish (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm really excited to try out Denim the most! I'm interested to see what the irregular shaped sparkles in it look like in person! :D

Extra entries:

Sidebar of my blog (below blogroll):


Thanks so much!!! <3

martimi said...

PP Colors:
violet femme
malt teaser

Jealousy - so jealous when it's on someone else's nail :) That's my no.1

Thank you :)

SweetShenanigans said...

I would choose:
1. voodoo
2. cowgirl
3. gold finger
I'm most excited to try out gold finger
girl23rocks at hotmail dot com

glimmo said...

i would love to try these shades



Razzle Dazzle

i am most excited about the abyss


GFC: glimmo



peniam said...

Top 3 for me are:
1.Gold Finger
3.Razzle Dazzle

email: mpeczka at gmail dot com
Thank you very much for this giveaway :)

Sana said...

my picks r
razzle dazzle
glitter ball

my email :

Sana said...

my picks r
razzle dazzle
glitter ball

my email :

Anonymous said...

I love this picture polish:

- Wisteria
- Voodoo
- Vegas

My email:

I´ve done a entry about the giveaway in my blog sidebar

Thanks for this giveaway!!

TraceFace said...

GFC: Trace Face
Honey Dew
Mellow Yellow
Most excited for Honey Dew
Thank you!!! :-)

Alexa1202 said...


I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

My choices: (in this order)
1. Razzle Dazzle
2. Antique
3. marine

I tweeted:!/Alexa1202/status/111444370565234689


-Alex said...

i would love:
-razzle dazzle
-peaches n'cream

very excited for razzle dazzle :)

gfc : alex

Kate said...

GFC: Kate
Email: Fishing4Beauty at

UGH! I just can't make a decision, they're all AMAZING! I think metallic mush, mellow yellow, and stone...but i still don't know!

I linked to this post via facebook:

naty_k89 said...

GFC: naty_k89

voodoo, vampire, ware house.
I'm most excited about ware house.

sam said...

my gfc:sam anders

in fact all the shades r tooo beautiful but if i wana choose i would like to win 1.Razzle Dazzle 2.OZOTIC 509 3. OZOTIC 504

im more excited about OZOTIC 509!!!
thanks a lot:)

fennelbat said...

What a lovely giveaway!

I would choose denim, heavy metal, and wisteria.

I am most excited to try denim and my email is fennelbat[at]gmail[dot]com

For the sake of Giveaways said...

Goldfinger, Glitterball, and Pink Shimmer are my 3 top picks, with Goldfinger being my top pick.

Thanks for the giveaway!

GFC Patricia Colucci
link to blog post:

Laetitia ♥ said...

Hello, thank you for this giveaway! The choice is so huge!!
But here's my pick : Mellow Yellow, Sparkle and Sky!
Among these shades, I'm so excited to try out Mellow Yellow! But if I could choose among ALL of their polishes, it would be Ozotic pro 505^^
My mail : titiandbrit (@)
I shared this GA on Tweeter :
Thanks again :)

tytynette said...

thanks for this giveaway

my top 3 polish would be: razzle dazzle
hot lips

I follow as Katy rozenbaum
my email is
I added you to my giveaway page:


Luiza said...

My favorite shades are : Marine, Jade, Sunset

My email is

SayAnythingBrooke said...

GFC: SayAnythingBrooke

Honeydew, Denim, Vegas.

Thank you!

Jo said...

I would love to try Berry Nice, Honeydew and Mud Shake :) I'm most excited for Honeydew!! :) Following as Jo Tee, jo.tee35ATgmailDOTcom

lovecarrot said...

hii, i would like 1. racy raspberry, mellow yellow and berry nice.

thank you!

Nina said...

GFC: Nina
irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

I'd pick Marine, Metallic Mush and Stone!

Thank you!

Vedra said...

Hi! Please enter me too - I'd love to win Denim, Camo and Voodoo! My oldest lemming of these is Denim, but atm I'd be even more excited to try Voodoo since it seems like a perfect fall shade.
follower via GFC, ID: vedra
my email: vedra(AT)

Sirena Sparklestar said...

GFC: Sirena Sparklestar
Email: sirenasparklestar at gmail dot com
I would pick 3 of their glitters! Hard to decide!!/sirenasparklestar/posts/251301231572548

Maribel F. said...

Hi! Please, enter me!
Nick GFC: Maribel F.
It's hard choose only tres, I love all! :D but my favs are: Razzle Dazzle, Mud Shake and Honewdew.
And I am most excited to try out Mud shake, perfect to fall :)
I tweeted!/makeupmb/status/118633456468103168
Thank you! xoxo

hermetic said...

nice one :)

I follow on gfc as hermetic
my email is hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com

I'd like to try Aphrodisiac, Camo & Glitter Ball
and am most excited about Glitter Ball

Laetitia said...

Hi ! Thanks for this giveaway !
I love this nail polishes:
- Marine
- Glitter Ball
- Simply Silk
I'm excited to try them !
Hope it's open internationally

TraceFace said...


I would like to win:

My email is:

I am most excited to try Vegas!

Your giveaway is on my sidebar:

As well as on my FB page:

Thanks so much! <3 Good luck everyone!

lizahole said...

What a great giveaway and some lovely colors as well!

If I were lucky enough to win I would pick Tiffany, Citrus, and Marine and I'd be most excited to try Tiffany - it seems like such a lovely green/blue!

E-mail for contact is

Thanks for this opportunity!

Fashion Footing said...

I would like to win:
Razzle Dazzle
Metallic Mush

I'm most excited to try Razzle Dazzle!

My email is:!/FashionFooting/status/118777589333626881

LeeAnnStoner said...

My email addy is

The three polishes I would like to win are Antique, Gold Finger, and Candy.

The polish I'm most excited about winning is Antique.


slanea01 said...

The three colors I would love are:

Racy Raspberry
Berry Nice

Most excited to try Racy Raspberry.

GCF: slanea01
Email address:
Tweeted here:!/iamsweetshu/status/118783107997515776

Sandy said...

My choices are Coral Reef, Mad Magenta and Opal.
They are all so pretty!


LeonaCarolina said...

I would love to win Denim, Jealousy, and Vegas. I'm most excited to try Denim.

leonacarolinascloset [at]

Thank you!

Cookie said...

Ooooh, there's so many good ones! Citrus, Heavy Metal, and Coral Reef are my picks :)

Email: cookiefaerie[@]

Anonymous said...

Ohhh i'd really like the
- Camo
- Mint
- Mellow Yellow


gfc: xyoulovekarlene

xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com

Bebe said...

I want Jealousy, Sparkle and Heavy Metal

GFC Bebe
I’m most excited about Sparkle

Blog entry

Tweet entry!/pllee88/status/118892125428523008

Facebook entry!/permalink.php?story_fbid=269949949693165&id=100002048786880

saaarah said...

hi my name is sarah deodath
gfc: vaaagina

all of those colors are really nice but i rreeaaaallly like
aphrodisiac, voodoo, polish drop

Anonymous said...

I'd love these: Metallic Mush, Sparkle, and Steal.

I'd most like to try Sparkle.

I shared this giveaway on Facebook here:

maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net

Cass said...

GFC: Cass
Email: chuoqiu at gmail dot com

I'd pick Simply Silk, Metallic Mush, and Gold Finger~

Shally said...

The three I would pick would be Citrus, Opal, and Tiffany.
My email is:

I am most excited about Citrus.
I posted it on the sidebar of my blog:

Alta Infante said...

I want Coral reef, Violet femme, and Jade.

I've put this on my giveaway page.

email: alta.infante(at)

OPI Addict said...

I would love to win! I like Razzle Dazzle, Vegas, and Bombshell!
GFC: OPI Addict
Shared on my fb here:

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

I would love to try Razzle Dazzle, Malt-teaser and Coral Reef :)

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail :
I also posted about it here :

Thank you very much :) x

bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

cOLORS: Bombshell, Electric blue, Rouge

I´d most excited to try Denim

Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

Shared on Twitter:!/bambaki83/status/119868675737133058


peppermint_fairy said...

I'd love to win Wisteria, Bliss and Sky! The one I'm most excited about is Bliss, but they're all stunning colors for me!
GFC: peppermint_fairy

Anutka said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway! I would love Aphrodisiac, voodoo and camo

Most excited about voodoo :D

GFC: Anutka

Thanks so much :)

Marina said...

My favorite colors are: berry nice, flamingo & denim.

isollea at gmail dot com
gfc: Marina D.

Bri said...

i loveeee opal, 603, and violet femme!

i want to try all of them!

RHOyal Fiasco said...

Greetings from the beautiful Bay Area in California!

I love the colors:
mellow yellow
honey dew

All of the colors are very rich. I'd try them all if I could...

RHOyal Fiasco said...

Oh yeah... I almost forgot...

Ruth said...

I'd love to win Denim, Jealousy & Antique and am most excited to try Denim ;-)


I tweeted:!/RuthGBCN/status/120175722504519680

Thanks!! xx

April said...

I would love to win Nude, Denim & Camo.

Most excited about Denim!

I blogged.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

naudii beautii said...

razzle dazzle, violet femme, tiffany

LuvMyLacquer said...

I would love to win Jade, Coral Reef, & Wisteria!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway, xo!

deelirium said...

I'd like jade, abyss, and Violet Femme, but I really want to try the jade!

d at thedeelirium dot com!/deelirium/status/120691123512549376

kavitha said...

i like jade, wisteria and watermelon!!/kavi2412/status/121185965430681601